Journey Beyond the Why

Have you ever felt that no matter how much money you make there is always something missing?

For too long we’ve been taught that the measure of success is how much money a business makes

What I’ve found is that true happiness and fulfillment comes when we are doing something that goes beyond the why – taking on a social mission.

Over the past 4 years, I have been developing my own social mission – Chocolate and Coffee Day for Religious Harmony, which encourages people to reach out and share with people different than them

My obsession is that we all have this greater sense of calling, as individuals and as businesses and it is my calling to help businesses uncover their Beyond the Why so that they can unleash their ultimate impact on the world.

Today more than ever the world is groaning for great change and it takes great leaders and great businesses to step up to the challenge of truly making a difference.

Join me so that we can start a Businesses with Social Mission Revolution and create the world we all want to live in.

Social Mission – Consumer Passion

Consumers are voting with their pockets. 84% of consumers globally say they seek out responsible products whenever possible. They demand that a business be more than just a business. They demand that it has heart and soul. When the business practices social responsibility, consumers are more engaged and will tell their friends about it. They come to trust the company and become loyal to it.

This cannot be faked. It must truly be a passionate backdrop to all that the business undertakes.

Developing a social mission requires adopting a new paradigm of business. Our program leads your team through discovering and initiation of programs that will capture the hearts of employees and consumers alike. Be in the forefront of change and become the business of choice.

  • Encounter – sensing the needs & essence of purpose
  • Explore – looking with new ideas at issues
  • Envision – allowing the emerging future to guide with new ideas
  • Experiment – crystallising ideas and developing prototypes
  • Evaluate – adjusting and working with growing concepts
  • Emerge – bring forth and launching
  • Evolve – rediscovering and developing brew sessions


We are all on the endless quest to find that something that will make us feel good, that will give us a sense of purpose and feeling that we are making a difference. When a business or corporation offers this to its employees and consumers, it is on a winner.