Co-Create For Performance


Co-Evolve For Profit


And the Power of……


“Establishing Internal Coaching Circles”


Linking head, heart and hands by introducing
Co-creating Coaching Circles to help develop
new Ideas, Inspiration and Innovation,
Creating a culture of Performance and Profit.


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I believe we all have an inbuilt longing to make a difference; to do something greater than ourselves. And that most businesses are set up as a response to this. However, we get busy with the day to day running of business, and that passionate sense of calling gets lost along the way. If the people at the top aren’t feeling it, you can’t expect the employees to be feeling it. So it isn’t any wonder that 75% of Australians are disinterested and disengaged in the workplace, which leads to 7 out of 10 businesses aren’t reaching their highest potential.

As a Business Soul Coach, I questioned, “how, as a business do we find that spark and fulfil the longing for something greater?”

A business takes on a life of its own, and develops its own calling. To discover this we need to let go of all of our own agendas, of all that seems logical and our personal sense of why, then allow it to take us to what I call, “beyond the why.” Where we can Awaken the Soul of Business. Here we can discover something far greater than we could ever imagine that will ignite passion amongst employees and consumers. Here new visions, inspirations and innovations will unfold and you will create an enduring legacy.

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