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Inspiring Best Efforts

For a business is to be at its best, inspire and motivate its people, it is not about offering rewards and incentives. When you start doing this, then you find yourself continually having to do something grander, offer something better to bribe them to work harder and more productively. However when the soul of the… Read the full article

Beyond the Why

In a time where there is high disengagement and rapid turnovers in employment, there has come a movement towards finding that sense of “Why” a business exist. When a business has a clear purpose and shares it with its employees, customers and all stakeholders, then it takes on a new sense of direction. The research… Read the full article

Awakening the Soul of Success

A group of high performing entrepreneurs gathered. They had all made a lot of money, many of them multimillionaires. They had all worked their way through developing their businesses, following their dream and achieving their goals. When they were asked “who has achieved their financial goals?” 80% of them raised their hands. With hands still… Read the full article