Inspiring Community in Business
that unleashes its Ultimate Impact on the world.

Stealth Leadership – Visionary Teamship – Ultimate Impact

Andrea’s journey began as “collateral damage” as the wife and mother who has to pick up the pieces that the stress of dispassionate soulless work leaves lying in ruins. It is more than just marriages and family lives that suffer, it is society, broken lives and broken families that try to carry on in a world without comprehending the meaning.

Some years later, after selling her Naturopathic business, Andrea ventured into the business world, only to find that this world needing healing too. Here she found a great divide between head, heart and spirit, which leaves everyone feeling disconnected from their authentic self. People suffer, Business suffers and Community suffers. This became her obsession.

Andrea has passionately taken on the challenge to Awaken the Soul of Business with her writing, videos and consulting work, to guide businesses into the future where they can unleash their Ultimate Impact on the world.

Andrea’s talks and workshops will serve the mind, inspire the soul and touch the heart, inspiring your people to connect with the emerging greatness within. Andrea’s first book  “Stealth Leadership – A Soulful Approach to growing People and Organisations” is due out in July 2018. Connect with Andrea and get ready to transform your business into an inspirational movement.

Andrea is an inspirational speaker, coached by by Sam Cawthorn, and a member of Toastmasters.  Voted the “Outstanding Toastmaster of the Year 2016 – Lilydale Toastmasters Club.

She can provide you with an educational or inspirational talk,  specifically designed for your group or corporate event.

Andrea’s work is currently making an impact in India. Workshops have been held at Reserve Bank of India’s Bank Note Paper Mill India Pty. Ltd, at Mysore; NIPM’s National Seminar in Chandigarh; Chandigarh Management Association; DAV University and Desh Bhagat University.

Talk topics

Awakening the Soul of Business
Building Community with Purpose

Can you image a workplace where everyone enjoys work? Where employees can bring their whole selves – body, mind and soul into the workplace; Employees who are passionate and motivated about their work.  Where ideas flow and grow.  Imagine a business that rediscovers inspiration and hope in their relationship with one another, their customers, their suppliers and all stakeholders. This is more than just a workplace, it becomes a living growing community that really touches lives, makes a difference, and a profit, of course.  This is the “Power of the Soul” in the workplace.

Key takeaways

  • Reconnect with the Soul of your business
  • Building Visionary Teamship
  • Grow a purposeful community that unleashes its Ultimate Impact on the World

Stealth Leadership
Growing People and Business

Leaders are the backbone of our business, but how are they leading? Is it all about me or is it leadership that grows and develops people and strengthens your business?

Andrea has developed the Stealth Leadership model from her 30+ years’ experience as a Leader in business, church and community. Being a leader is not about being seen as the “great one,” but about building up people so that they can shine and be the best they can be, creating an atmosphere of co-operation and communication. It’s about empowering each person to be at their best, while working together as a team to bring out their highest potential as one.

Key takeaways

  • Connect with how you can have your Ultimate Impact
  • Building Visionary Teamship
  • Create an enduring legacy



Contact Andrea to attend one of her workshops which will “Awaken the Soul of Your Business”.
“Awaken the Soul of Business ”

Awakening the soul is business is a process of discovery in getting to the core of challenges that confront businesses and organisations, enabling connection with the highest future possibility that is wanting to emerge, bringing forth profound change and innovation.

This program is suitable for

  • Revisioning the organisation – what is its purpose, values and vision for the future, developing a sense of purpose amongst employees
  • Restructuring – what is the most productive and profitable structure for the organisation that lives up to its values
  • Creating new workplace culture
  • Innovation – developing new ideas and inspirations that can move the organisation ahead. (Ideal for a group of intrapreneurs)
  • Social mission – creating new ways to engage in the community and the environment
  • Tackling tough issues where there may be multiple stakeholders
  • Breaking down old cycles and initiating profound change
  • Developing leadership that is attuned, aware and right for the times


Articles in Print

Awakening the Soul of Business – Living Now August 2016








Radio interviews


Bruce Argle chats with Andrea about awakening the soul of business. - 23rd June 2016
Bruce Argyle chats with Andrea about awakening the soul of business. – 23rd June 2016

“I think what you are doing is fantastic and I really valued spending time with you this morning. You came across really well on air.” – Bruce Argyle

Manningham Leader 30 May 2016










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