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Unifying Community

Andrea Putting is a Speaker, Author and Expert Authority on Community Leadership, who reimagines communities with ideas and strategies that maximise relationships and connections.

A creative pathfinder, with over 40 years’ in leadership, her passion is how we can open up to the rich diversity of our communities and create a safe inclusive place where all can thrive. Her message of inclusion takes us on a journey beyond the why to where we can as individuals and as a community have our ultimate impact on the world.

Andrea is the Founder of Chocolate and Coffee Breaks encouraging us to share the simple pleasures of life; Chocolate, Coffee and Conversation, for when we do, we break down barriers that divides us.  Her passion for building community where each one finds acceptance, a sense of belonging and an opportunity to contribute is reflected in her 2 podcasts, Chocolate & Coffee Breaks and Social Mission Revolution.

Andrea lives in Melbourne, Australia.

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