On the Social Mission Revolution podcast,  we explore some of the greatest under told stories of businesses and of everyday people who are making their Ultimate Impact on the world through Social Mission. They share their stories, their inspirations, their successes and heartaches on the way to making that difference that we all long to make.







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What’s coming up

  • ‘Tina Murray  talks about all things toilets with her commitment to the African Sunrise Foundation
  • Phoebe Lay talks about her social enterprise Matcha Sisters that supports Abolishion, who work to stop the chains of human trafficking
  • Sarifa and Hassan Younes share about the international school they have developed in the Philippines so they can offer sponsorships to orphans so that they have the opportunity to thrive.
  • Matt Henricks shares with us his 2 missions of Helping Hands and Water Works, which gives groups and organisations a hands on experience to become involved in making a difference.
  • Emma Sidney social mission is to transform the way we think of genders and races, to eliminate the ‘otherness’ of that and create a synergistic view of our connected energetic selves.
  • Who will be next? Will it be you?

Social Mission Revolution Podcast will be launched real soon. Don’t miss out on these inspiring stories. You know what to do, and I’ll be in touch when we’re ready to go.