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Mid-life Crisis of Business

As a society we are facing a mid-life crisis. We look around at what we have and it no longer fulfils us. What is it all for? We have been so focussed on the having, we have forgotten to be. While all of this has been going on we’ve become lost in the illusion and… Read the full article

Awakening to Change

“Things will be different if only this person would do that and the other person would pull their head in. If only everyone would work together as a team.” We often look at things this way, keeping the perspective of what is happening on outside of ourselves. We make assumptions and can’t see what is… Read the full article

Dichotomy in the workplace

There is this crazy dichotomy happening in the workplace. On one hand we have global figures of over 80% of people being disengagement and disinterest in the workplace. On the other hand we have leadership pulling out hair as they struggling to keep things going, desperately hoping they will find some staff who will step… Read the full article