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Inspiring Your Team with a Word for 2017

Inspire Your Team with a Word for 2017 In a previous article I spoke about having a word for the year to inspire you to a greater 2017. This is great when you are working on your own personal development and when you are working by yourself. However, what do you do when you work… Read the full article

Wholistic Approach to Business

Business Soul Food Episode 31 My background is in Naturopathy and I used to have a business, which I sold, in selling Natural Health products. When I sold that I went off and got a job, like normal people do. What I found after a while was that I was losing connection with myself. Everything… Read the full article

Coming Together with Purpose

Business Soul Food Episode 30 There is a quote from the Sacred Book of Mayans. “We did not put our ideas together. We put our purposes together. And we agreed. Then we decided.” I really love this quote because it seems to me that when people come together to create new ideas or to make… Read the full article

Community in Business

Community is really important to me. I believe it is something that has been missing in many workplaces. Community offers a safe place for people to feel that they are able to participate. It’s about crating relationships where people feel that they are wanted, needed, liked and can share with each other in a way… Read the full article

Inspiring Best Efforts

For a business is to be at its best, inspire and motivate its people, it is not about offering rewards and incentives. When you start doing this, then you find yourself continually having to do something grander, offer something better to bribe them to work harder and more productively. However when the soul of the… Read the full article

Dichotomy in the workplace

There is this crazy dichotomy happening in the workplace. On one hand we have global figures of over 80% of people being disengagement and disinterest in the workplace. On the other hand we have leadership pulling out hair as they struggling to keep things going, desperately hoping they will find some staff who will step… Read the full article