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Your WHY – the key to a successful business

What is the difference between a good business and a great business that attracts loyal followers? You know the businesses that people talk about, that they line up to buy their products. Those who are more than a business, but more like a social movement. WHY! That is the answer – WHY! They know their… Read the full article

Listening to the Emerging Future of your Business

Today’s world demands something more than ever before. Being a success is no longer just about how much money your company makes or how powerful you are. It is about something more, something bigger and far more important. Once the way was clear cut, there were processes to follow, predictions to be made, goals to… Read the full article

Building a Business with Purpose

Starting out on the journey of building a soulful business comes with lots of dreams and passion. You feel that you are on purpose and going to change the world. However, once the business gets going, it can often leave the business owner feeling cold and flat when they have to start dealing with business… Read the full article

Finding the Spirit in your Business

When you started your business, you had a vision. It will be a happy place, people will love to come and work here, our customers will love us, we will have a positive impact on the community and I will make a profit. How are you going with that? Well, the daily grind gets to… Read the full article

Business Success with a New Spiritual Paradigm

When the leaders of the business are centred and connected with their own spirit, they naturally attract and build a workplace environment where their employees love to work. They feel motivated and inspired to be a part of the team and are working as one towards a purpose. Business models evolve into being heart and… Read the full article

Colour to Grow Your Business By

“I feel stuck” is something I often hear when working with clients. They have all it takes and more to build a beautiful soulful business that serves the people they love, yet something holds them back. There are so many different reasons that come up stopping us from moving forward and everyone has their own… Read the full article