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Spiritual Practice of Business 1.1

Spirituality and business never seemed to mix. It appeared that there was no room in the corporate world for one to be connected to their own spirit and certainly not bring it into the office. The clash was too wide, the chiasm too deep. In the spiritual realm we focus on being compassionate and caring… Read the full article

The Treasure Hunt

In the not so long ago times, where we wanted to go somewhere, we would get out our map and plan out our journey carefully. We would have to remember which way we would have to go. Write it down; take a right turn here and left turn there and follow this road for so… Read the full article

Spirituality does belong in business

I’m using the “S” word. I’ve been told so many times “Maybe you shouldn’t use the word “Spirituality”, when talking about your work,” but to me, Spirituality is the essence of business and I want to be upfront about what I do and who I am. Without Spirituality business has no soul. It doesn’t connect… Read the full article