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Andrea Putting

Speaker, Author & Trusted Advisor


Authentic Influence

Andrea Putting - Speaker, Author & Trusted Advisor

The world is full of people wanting to be influencers, however to unleash your Ultimate Impact it requires something beyond the superficial influence that is prevalent today. To grow a loyal team, whether in the workplace or community, it takes a strong leader who has AUTHENTIC INFLUENCE.

Leaders who live their values in action are worth following. They don’t demand loyalty they live complementary loyalties with their people. They care for them, they nourish them and they inspire them by the way they live their lives. These are the leaders who are having their Ultimate Impact on the world and leaving a legacy worth living. They have AUTHENTIC INFLUENCE.

About Andrea

Unifying Community​

Andrea Putting is an international speaker, author and Trusted Advisor. Through her keynote speeches, book, programs and podcast, she guides businesses to become an authentic influence by collaborating to grow prosperity that changes the world. While the cause is serving humanity and the environment, the effect is developing leaders and visionary teams that strengthen business, grow a community within the workplace, and inspire consumers who want to support businesses that care.

After studying Naturopathy and Homoeopathy, Andrea started her own business as an early adopter of the online world. When she sold this business, she entered the workforce as an employee. Here she discovered a world that needed healing in a different way. Her deep exploration led her to the Social Mission Revolution.

Since 2019, Andrea has been championing the causes of passionate people making a difference in the world through her podcast, Social Mission Revolution. The podcast highlights inspirational people and businesses who have an Authentic Influence on the world through Social Mission.

When we combine our passions, something magical happens. Andrea’s passions and values came together to create her social mission where people can come together to break down barriers. In 2016, Chocolate and Coffee Day for Religious Harmony began, and chocolate and Coffee Breaks evolved in 2020 to transform situations where there are any feelings of nonacceptance and misunderstanding to build a community spirit.

Awards for speaking, writing and involvement in community have been bestowed on Andrea. She was awarded the Toastmaster of the Year in her local club in 2016. Speakers Tribe honoured her at the global awards as the Best Volunteer and Best Tribe Member, with an honouree mention in the Hall of Fame in 2020 and nominated as Best Leader in 2021. Andrea, received a Wordsmith Award at the 2021 Innov8 Awards.

Andrea’s writings have been inspiring and challenging people over the internet for over 20 years. As an author, she has provided chapters in books and has authored her own book, Awakened Stealth Leadership, inspired by more than four decades of experience in leadership. Her new book Collaborative Prosperity will be released soon.

Andrea Putting lives in Melbourne, Australia, amongst the gumtrees, kangaroos and cockatoos with her husband and pet cockatoo Fella, who has been a member of her family since 1973. She has two adult children and two precious grandchildren who keep her jumping in puddles.


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