Awakening the Soul of Business

Can you image a workplace where everyone enjoys work? Where employees can bring their whole selves – body, mind and soul into the workplace; Employees who are passionate and motivated about their work.  Where ideas flow and grow.  Imagine a business that rediscovers inspiration and hope in their relationship with one another, their customers, their suppliers and all stakeholders. This is more than just a workplace, it becomes a living growing community that really touches lives, makes a difference, and a profit, of course.  This is the “Power of the Soul” in the workplace.

When a team works together on connecting with what the true soul purpose of the business is, they are able to deepen their commitment to their personal work within the business AND to the business. Through an experience of sharing and diving in deep with stories and experiences, together we start to Awaken the Soul of the Business. You start to discover that this is more than just a place where people work, it has become a place that offers an opportunity for people to find a sense of belonging, purpose and fulfillment. Following from this comes a renewal of the business in a new way.

In this workshop the following will unfold:

  • The true Soul Purpose of the Business
  • Values that are truly represented by your business, day in and day out.
  • “Principles of Excellence” that speak to your people
  • New ideas and concepts to develop
  • Greater unity and purpose amongst employees & management

Here is where a business touches lives, changes attitudes and transcends what business is all about.

Here your business opens the doors to having its Ultimate Impact on the world.

Employee Engagement

Research shows us that more than 75% of Employees in Australia are disengaged or disinterested in the workplace. This means that they will just do what they have to and that is all. With this disengagement, businesses struggle to grow. Employees “take a sickie” at any opportunity and are always on the lookout for something better; Very costly indeed.

When employees find purpose in their work and are given the opportunities to grow and participate in the growth of the organisation then their engagement improves significantly and the bottom line figures of the business dramatically increase.

Our Employee Engagement model involves:

  • Leadership
  • Communication
  • Organisational Culture
  • Performance Management
  • Change Management & Innovation
  • Reward & Recognition
  • Learning & Development
  • Wellness

When teams start to function with purpose and desire to make a difference, magic happens. Here is where new visions for what can be, start to emerge; where the future starts to unfold. Add to this the beauty of each person feeling a sense of ownership to new projects, greater commitment as a whole begins to flourish. Here is where you awaken the Sleeping Giant of potential in your business.


Leaders are the backbone of our business, but how are they leading. Is it all about me or is it leadership that grows and develops people and strengthens your business?

The Stealth Leadership model is based on the concept that a leader’s job is not about being seen as the “great one”, but about building up people so that they can shine.  It is about being aware, consciously lifting up people to being the best they can be, creating an atmosphere of co-operation and communication. It’s about empowering each person to be at their best, while working together as a team to bring out their highest potential as one.

Andrea and Som both have vast experience in Leadership and bring that together with research and intuitive knowledge to create this program that will unfold your organisations emerging greatness.

Your teams develop new skills by exploring:

  • Commitment – discovering the Ultimate Impact
  • Completeness – incorporating mind, body & soul on the job
  • Competence – exploring skills & developing new ones
  • Communication – listening and sharing of ideas
  • Community – developing a feeling of belonging at work
  • Catalyst – creating an environment where new ideas flow
  • Collaboration – developing relationships beyond the business

It is vital in business that leadership is taken seriously, not from a place of privilege but from a place of service. Those who do, have the businesses that really flourish, and have the people who have the most passion and motivation.


Social Mission – Consumer Passion

Consumers are voting with their pockets. 84% of consumers globally say they seek out responsible products whenever possible. They demand that a business be more than just a business. They demand that it has heart and soul. When the business practices social responsibility, consumers are more engaged and will tell their friends about it. They come to trust the company and become loyal to it.

This cannot be faked. It must truly be a passionate backdrop to all that the business undertakes.

Developing a social mission requires adopting a new paradigm of business. Our program leads your team through discovering and initiation of programs that will capture the hearts of employees and consumers alike. Be in the forefront of change and become the business of choice.


  • Encounter – sensing the needs & essence of purpose
  • Explore – looking with new ideas at issues
  • Envision – allowing the emerging future to guide with new ideas
  • Experiment – crystallising ideas and developing prototypes
  • Evaluate – adjusting and working with growing concepts
  • Emerge – bring forth and launching
  • Evolve – rediscovering and developing coaching circles


We are all on the endless quest to find that something that will make us feel good, that will give us a sense of purpose and feeling that we are making a difference. When a business or corporation offers this to its employees and consumers, it is on a winner.


Working with us

These purposeful processes are about creating a sustainable organisation or group culture into the future that is always discovering, experimenting and living into new forms of purpose and growth. It is about creating an adaptive culture that is continually shaped and unfolds in multiple contexts and in multiple ways. It is not about replacing one static model with another.

At the heart of any coaching relationship is trust. In a series of one-to-one meetings, in person, by phone, or via video conference, we will work with you to identify and focus on your business goals and overcome barriers to growth and change. Between meetings, homework is assigned to help meet goals and overcome challenges. The frequency of meetings and check-ins is usually agreed to in advance, and varies from once a month to weekly.