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Andrea Putting

Speaker, Author & Trusted Advisor


Authentic Influence

Andrea Putting - Speaker, Author & Trusted Advisor

The world is full of people wanting to be influencers, however to unleash your Ultimate Impact it requires something beyond the superficial influence that is prevalent today. To grow a loyal team, whether in the workplace or community, it takes a strong leader who has AUTHENTIC INFLUENCE.

Leaders who live their values in action are worth following. They don’t demand loyalty they live complementary loyalties with their people. They care for them, they nourish them and they inspire them by the way they live their lives. These are the leaders who are having their Ultimate Impact on the world and leaving a legacy worth living. They have AUTHENTIC INFLUENCE.

About Andrea

Unifying Community​

Andrea Putting is a Speaker, Author and Expert Authority on Community Leadership, who reimagines communities with ideas and strategies that maximise relationships and connections.

A creative pathfinder, with over 40 years’ in leadership, her passion is how we can open up to the rich diversity of our communities and create a safe inclusive place where all can thrive. Her message of inclusion takes us on a journey beyond the why to where we can as individuals and as a community have our ultimate impact on the world.

Andrea is the Founder of Chocolate and Coffee Breaks encouraging us to share the simple pleasures of life; Chocolate, Coffee and Conversation, for when we do, we break down barriers that divides us.  Her passion for building community where each one finds acceptance, a sense of belonging and an opportunity to contribute is reflected in her 2 podcasts, Chocolate & Coffee Breaks and Social Mission Revolution.

Andrea lives in Melbourne, Australia.

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