Inspire New Possibilites
                      Envision the Emerging Future
                                              Initiate Profound Change

Journey to see your organisation in new ways that allows leaders and all stakeholders to connect with and actualise their highest future possibility.

Building the capacity of othershappy staff

As the leader, what we want most is for our people to be able to grow and develop, preferable in our organisation, so they don’t go elsewhere. We want them to be engaged in what they do, even excited and passionate. It is good for them, it is good for morale and it is good for business.

Everyone needs to feel that their life matters. If they can’t find deep purpose in their work, they are not challenged or motivated. They will be looking for something else that will fulfil that deep longing in their soul to somehow make a difference in their world. The workplace is where people spend the majority of their time and energy. If they are not happy in this place, then everyone suffers, in every area of their lives.

Giving employees the opportunity to participate in the growth of the business helps them to also grow. If their opinion is valued, they will share their ideas and become more excited about opportunities and projects. When they feel that they are contributing and can work towards their own goals, as well as the organisations, they connect with their own spirit and find a sense of meaning.


MH900423066To be successful and grow as a business or organisation, it is essential to be innovative. Without this, it will shrivel and die. Coming up with new ideas all the time can be hard work. It can take a lot of time and money researching the latest trends and speculating about what the next best thing will be.

With an environment where everyone is able to contribute and have honest conversations, deep explorations of bold new ideas can happen. Reflecting on the matter at hand, listening to those involved and observing with new eyes, opens the way to this exploration. This helps to create the right environment for tapping into the collective intelligence that already exists within the organisation,

Here, in time of silence, reflection and exploration, the emerging future can be sensed and new ideas, thoughts and innovation are born.

Creating profound changeeartheld3

Innovation is nothing if it is not acted on. Moving forward with the support of everyone involved, helps to get and keep the momentum going. With all the ground work already in place and all stakeholders already considered and feeling a part of the journey, action is ready to happen.

Creating prototypes of the project, in their imperfect state continues the growing and learning journey. Teams are ready to be mobilised for their part of project, as they have a vested interest in making this happen. They all feel a part of this and want to see it succeed.

Your team feels as one, acts as one, creating a better world. They are on purpose for themselves as individuals, as a team in the workplace and for all those who will benefit from what they are now passionate to create.

The organisation is now alive with energy and enthusiasm. Passion and purpose feels the air.

Are you ready to tap into the human spirit?

This is a workplace where everyone enjoys their work; where employees are passionate and motivated about their work. Where ideas flow and grow. This is more than just a workplace, it has become a living growing community that really touches lives, makes a difference and a profit.

The process

The framework that unifies our work comes from Otto Scharmer and colleagues at MIT. “Theory U” was developed after interviewing over 150 leaders of profound change in a variety of disciplines.

UOn the “left side of the U” (SENSING) we clarify core questions and key assumptions; immerse ourselves in environments that provide insight to those questions and test assumptions; and hone our observations.

At the “bottom of the U” (PRESENCING) we create the conversations and the quiet needed for collective inner knowing to emerge and to be crystallized.

On the “right side of the U” (REALIZING) we engage head, hands and heart to act toward shared intent through prototyping and action.

Co-Sense and Co-Shape the future that you feel is wanting to emerge in your work and life right now.

For more details on how your can start co-creating you business in a way that works better for everyone, contact Andrea now.