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Compassionate Prosperity

As Business Leaders and Entrepreneurs, being successful in business is what we all aspire to become. However, even after achieving everything you desire, you can be left feeling empty.

Compassionate Prosperity explores how having compassion projects in business turns success into fulfilment and satisfaction for you and your business. As compassion grows, prosperity follows, in your team, community and business. Success takes on a new meaning and a higher purpose as you become an authentic influence.

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Compassionate Purpose

Why am I here? What is my purpose? What is my calling? These are common questions that haunt everyone at some time in their lives.

Compassionate Purpose is a discovery of the calling to service, giving back or paying it forward.  When we find a purpose greater than ourselves, we find a sense of fulfilment that can change our lives. Connecting compassion and the desire for purpose brings focus to making the difference that we all long to make, along with a sense of fulfilment and joy that creates a legacy worth living.

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Moment of Infinity

Anthology of Daily Devotions

Surrender into the moment of infinity with this collection of reflections, stories and psalms.

A moment of infinity lives within each of us. Andrea Putting listens and translates this moment into words, not for the mind but for the soul.

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Awakened Stealth Leadership

Andrea Putting and Dr Som Saini explore what it is to be a leader in the changing times. 

Awakened Stealth Leadership is about being quietly great, the kind of leader who consciously lifts up their people to become the best they can be. It’s about creating an atmosphere of co-operation and communication, it’s about holding the space where each person can shine as an individual while working together as a team to bring out their highest future potential as one.

Inspiring leaders, who grow teams, that change the world.

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I M Possible

Andrea Putting is one of 21 inspiring leaders who have collaborated to write this book. Andrea shares her story of discovering the power of going Beyond the Why, leading her to found Chocolate and Coffee Day for Religious Harmony and the Social Mission Revolution. “When you journey beyond the why you open up into all the possibilities that the future holds. It is here that we make that difference that we all long to make.”

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