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Andrea Putting

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Building the Capacity of Others

happy staffAs the leader, what you want most is for your people to be able to grow and develop, preferable in your organisation, so they don’t go elsewhere. You want them to be engaged in what they do, even excited and passionate. It is good for them, it is good for morale and it is good for business.

Everyone needs to feel that their life matters. If they can’t find deep purpose in their work, they are not challenged or motivated. They will be looking for something else that will fulfil that deep longing in their soul to somehow make a difference in their world. The workplace is where people spend the majority of their time and energy. If they are not happy in this place, then everyone suffers, in every area of their lives.

Giving employees the opportunity to participate in the growth of the business helps them to also grow. If their opinion is valued, they will share their ideas and become more excited about opportunities and projects. When they feel that they are contributing and can work towards their own goals, as well as the organisations, they connected with their own spirit and find a sense of meaning.

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