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Colour, the Secret Power Tool

Colour Your Success

We all love a bit of colour in our lives to brighten it up and make us feel good. However, did you know you can also use colour to help you be more successful in your business. Colour is a powerful tool that is easy to use. It can help you to reach your full potential and great success.

If you are feeling a bit stuck in some area of your business, taking a moment to stop and focus in on a colour can help you make a shift. It can change your perception and bring new light to help you find a solution. So, which colours should you use?

When you are having difficulty focusing on your tasks, getting yourself going or just can’t seem to complete any tasks, focus on red.

Orange is the colour for you if you need to enhance your ability to relate to people, radiant and extend yourself out into the world.

Yellow is the colour for your personal power and self-worth. If taking responsibility or trusting your self is an issue, yellow is for you.

Green will help you to connect with people at a heart level. If you are having issues with being afraid of letting go, being free or getting hurt, green will see you through. Also a helpful colour when you are working with a team, it will make the process a lot more harmonious.

When you need to strengthen your communication in your business, call on blue. This will help you speak freely about your experiences and thoughts, making it easier to really express your true message.

Working with indigo opens you up into the truth of who you really are, the guidance from your higher self is leading the way, so this is where you will open up to new ideas and understandings .

Violet opens us up to the divine. If you are feeling indecisive, have no spark of joy or lost in a world of your own then a healthy dose of violet can help you along.

Connecting in with the colour you need, can be simple. You can wear the colour, or surround yourself with it. Grab a bunch of flowers or even balloons, whatever you have in that colour, gather it in. I have a selection of scarves in a variety of colours so I can focus in quickly on what I need. If there is none of the colour around, just close your eyes and visualise yourself being surrounded by it.

Colour connects you with your true self. Enjoy the colours around, surround yourself with new ones and have a colourful, successful, happy life and business.

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