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Andrea Putting

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Community in Business

Community is really important to me. I believe it is something that has been missing in many workplaces. Community offers a safe place for people to feel that they are able to participate. It’s about crating relationships where people feel that they are wanted, needed, liked and can share with each other in a way that they wouldn’t be able to otherwise.

This is really important if you want to build your business and have it be sustainable, and move into a higher level. Because when people come together in community then they are able to connect in together at a deeper level and be able to create new innovative ideas. This opens up to be able to take the business to the next level.

There are a lot of people who go along to work each day who have brilliant ideas of how the business can grow. New ideas of what will take the business into something really special but they don’t feel like they are safe to share these ideas. The feel that they have been knocked back before, whenever they have tried to give their ideas they have been shut down.  And so they no longer share them.

However if your business is focussed as a community, then people feel like they can share and participate, they can grow together, they can spark new and wonderful ideas of each other. This is what we need. We all need to feel that we are able to grow and develop with other people and have a sense that this is where we belong and are respected.

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