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Let’s Get Messy

After 27 years of living in our home, we decided it was time to renovate. It has taken a lot of visioning to what our “new home” needs to look like to suit our needs. What needs to e changed. We planned, we choose a builder, we sought advice from experts. Decisions were made.

That was the easy part.

Next came the physical preparations, a phase that is continuing, even though the renovations have started. We have had to pack away everything. Going through every item in the house and making that decision. Do we keep this or not? Then, what happens to the things that no longer serve us?

The complete demolishing of rooms begins. Noise, dust, dirt. People coming in and out, while we continue to try to live and work in our home offices.

Boxes of belongings lying everywhere. These normally quite house-proud people, who flourish in a clean and tidy atmosphere, are living in chaos for the next few months.

We often have visions of something of the future that we want to make happen. We plan, we get advice (hopefully), and get started. We just want the result. We don’t want to do the sorting and clearing out first. We don’t want to listen to the noise and live in chaos. We just want the result.

It doesn’t work that way. No one is going to wave their magic wand and have it happen overnight. We need to allow life to get messy. We need to allow the disruption of everything. We need to gratefully step into the chaos and embrace it. When we clear out everything and look at it as a blank canvas, new visions and innovations appear.

Only then can the fullness of our vision be revealed and bring our lives into something that will bring us a sense of satisfaction. To do anything worthwhile in life you have to be willing to go through this process of renovation.

This is very similar to the processes I use as I work with Social Mission and developing new innovations. There is always a messy time, as piece by piece old ways are pulled apart so that something new and beautiful can emerge.

As our renovations continue, we still have a lot to sort through, clearing out room by room. We have a long way to go. The vision of what our home will be when the renovations are complete keeps us going.

Andrea Putting is a Speaker, Author, and Expert in Authentic Influence. She guides leaders to achieve a powerful, strong, loyal team and community, through building a Social Mission, so that they can have authentic influence and unleash their ultimate impact on the world. Connect with her now

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