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Why do we continually produce results that nobody wants?

Why do we continually produce results that nobody wants?

It seems as if no matter what we do, the results keep taking us around in circles. A new solution may work for a while, but the problem hasn’t really been solved and it just keeps reappearing in a new form. Or while one problem seems to be under control, it squeezes out another one, like a pustulating zit, just waiting to burst.

Why is this? Well, quite simply, we keep installing band aid solutions that are not going to get us deep into the real cause so that it can be solved. We look at a problem, we talk about it, we may even brainstorm about it, and from here a solution is quickly found and implemented. But has it really gone deep enough.

In most cases, the answer is no. We’re just skimming the surface and trying to think through solutions from our past and what has worked for others. Hear that, from the past! And have those solutions really worked for others? Or have they had them swimming around to circle back again.

If we want real solutions for the future, we can’t keep doing what we’ve been doing. We need to look to the future for ideas and inspirations. We are not going to find these by just “thinking” through a problem.

It requires us to look at old issues in new ways and bring our real selves into the situation.
It requires a real depth of letting go; Letting go of what we “think” we know; letting go of what we think we want or need.
It requires us to see our part of the whole; to start to look within and find our own experience.
It requires us to listen; to listen to others, to listen to ourselves, to listen to our souls.
It requires us to work together and be willing to explore what this means beyond the surface.
It requires us to awaken to a new way of being, where we allow the future to emerge, to guide us in our direction.
It requires us to address each situation anew with open mind, open heart and open will.

Here we find new answers, new ways of being, new innovations and new directions that lead us to living our highest future potential.







































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