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Creating Safe Spaces in Business

Business Soul Food Episode 39

Without a safe community in your business space or community, people don’t feel trust, they’re not going to safe to share their stories, and have conversations.  Maybe you think you don’t want people to be having long in-depth conversations in your workplace. However, it really is important that people have that opportunity to create relationships with those they are working with. This enables them to build the trust that they need to be able to feel safe and able to share in the community.  When they are able to share their own personal stories it helps others to understand where they are coming from and what they are about.

When people are in a safe community, safe workplace, they become free to imagine and risk something new, in their own lives and within the business and community that they are apart of.  Then they feel free to imagine. This is where real innovation comes in. It brings them to a point where they feel they can safely share their ideas, that they’re not going to be ridiculed, that their ideas are valued. They feel that they what they have to offer will be appreciated and that others are going to listen and share and maybe contribute to help their ideas to grow and blossom.

It is really important for people within a business, within a community to feel they are in a safe space. To feel trust amongst the people they are working with, that they are able to share with each other and they are able to build upon each other’s ideas and initiatives.  This is what building a community within a business is about.

This is something that I am very passionate about; where people are able to feel their own personal sense of worth and purpose when they go along to work each day.

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