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Sensing the future for your business

workplace-listeningAs I turn out the lights, my eyes become more alert to what is there, in the future. I see it unfolding before me. I don’t know if the light I see is real or if I am imagining it, but it is there before me. My words fail me in this moment. I see the magic of the possibilities. Can this be real? Is this really what is laid out before me? It is my choice. I can choose to have this or I can walk away.

How often do we catch these glimpses of something special that lies before us? The bigger, more important question is, how often do we take note and “follow the lead”.

Today we have so much stimulus in front of our minds, all day every day. We are constantly checking our emails, our social media accounts, we hardly ever find any “down time”. With our minds constantly racing we miss those quiet still moments when the universe speaks to us. Then when it does, we brush it aside as imagination.

In our world on constant communication and connection it seems we have lost the connection with ourselves. As a result we are not hearing the true calling of our own soul.

When it comes to business, this means we are disconnected with the highest future possibilities. We are working with our head, figuring things out logically, step by step. We research and try to figure out the best way to get the most profitable results.


But what if we were to just stop!


Take some time to really listen. Listen to those around us. Listen to those who are at the heart of the matter. What if we were to really listen to our own heart, our own spirit and the universe? Can we do that? What would happen? Would the world still go on? Would business fall around us or would it keep on going?

Listen and observing the truth of your business and those who are involved and affected by your business allows you to see things in a new way: their way. What does it really mean to the people who work for you? What does it really mean to your clients and customers? How do they see it? How does the community see and relate to your business? What are the problems that need solving? What is it that wants to be given birth too?

Now with new eyes you can see what is happening. You can see what is unfolding, where it is going. You can see the needs of all involved.

With this new insight, it is time to really stop. Stop and let go.

Let go of all your preconceived ideas and all of the thinking and analysing. It is time to reconnect. Reconnect with your heart, with your soul and the universal spirit. As you allow the silence to come, the future emerges. New ideas start to form, new solutions arrive. Those visions of what can be start to form in your mind. This time it is different, you have a sense of knowing that this is the future and you can create it. It is there for you to follow.

What is unfolding? Is it something expected or has this taken you on a brand new tangent?

When you let go, allow yourself the silence and connection then let come the emerging future, you will be amazed at the innovation that comes into being. This is your new vision; a vision that is there for you to create and build. All that is left is to connect your head, heart and hands and to do it.

Time for action. Don’t worry about what you don’t know; focus on what you do know. Trust that the answers will come; you just need to keep the connection, take the time to listen and what you need will come to you. Act on what you know. It doesn’t have to perfect, you are allowed to fail. That is how we learn. Failing helps us to develop the true solutions that work.

So take the time to sit in silence, trust the glimpses of the future that come to you. You then get to choose. Do you want to follow its lead…or not.?

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