Would you like to be a guest on the Social Mission Revolution podcast?

To be a guest, you must be actively involved in a social mission.

A Social Mission is a cause undertaken to help society that is not for personal gain. An individual, business of organisation undertakes a Social Mission to primarily make a difference in the world.

A Social Mission can take on many faces, as represented by the plethora of examples on the Social Mission Revolution podcast. It can vary from: 

  • contributing time to charitable events;
  • giving a percentage of profits;
  • getting a team together to volunteer; 
  • starting your own cause or movement; 
  • founding a social enterprise that supports community development. 

On the podcast, the majority of the time will be spent in conversation about your social mission, why you started it or got involved, how it has changed your life and your business, and the outcomes you have achieved.  You will be given a moment to promote yourself. However, please only apply if your purpose for requesting to be on the podcast is in alignment with the above definition of Social Mission.

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