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Andrea’s presentations will serve the mind, inspire the soul and touch the heart, inspiring your people to connect with the emerging greatness within and discover the passion to move into action.

Awakened Stealth Leadership

Growing People and Organisations

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(The topic of Andrea’s Book)
In a world that is crying out for great leaders and great change it is up to each one of us, as leaders, to listen deeply to where the future is calling us and our organisations to be. To survive this time of constant change and awaken consciousness, we need to cultivate leadership that is attuned, aware and right for our times.
• Understanding your Ultimate Impact focuses your commitment
• Uncover the power of visionary teamship and unified visions
• Learn how Brew Sessions unlock the key to cooperation, community and collaboration.

Beyond the Why

The Social Mission Revolution

For too long we have been taught that the measure of success is how much money we make. In this consciously aware time we are coming to recognise that true success comes from doing something that comes from the heart. Is it time for your business to join the Social Mission revolution

• Uncover your Beyond the Why
• Connect with how your personal Ultimate Impact
• Learn how having a legacy you can be proud can change your life, your business and the world.

Unity in Diversity

How to break down barriers and build communities of
joy, hope, love and peace with the simple pleasures of life.

We all have something calling us into greatness. When we find ourselves in a “Beyond the Why” moment that on a logical level you have no reason to do something, then you can find how you can have your Ultimate Impact on the world. For Andrea her “Beyond the Why” moment, lead her to found Chocolate and Coffee Day for Religious Harmony. In this talk Andrea will share with you the story of this day and how sharing the simple pleasures of life can change the world.
• Be inspired to uncover your Beyond the Why to unleash your Ultimate Impact
• Discover how we can easily reduce prejudice in society.
• Learn how you can make a difference by sharing the simple pleasures of life.



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