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Spiritual Practice of Business 1.3

The Corporate Shift There is a shift happening in the corporate world. There are a number of businesses that are now starting to look at the health and well-being of their employees and making sure that their needs, as a person, are meet. Not just in their work life, but in their home and family… Read the full article

What’s your mission?

Having a passionate mission in your business inspires employees and customers alike. Does your business have a mission? Now, I don’t mean do you have a mission statement, that says the what, how and why of what you do. I’m talking about a mission: Something that really inspires people and inspires you, and really encourages… Read the full article

Mid-life Crisis of Business

As a society we are facing a mid-life crisis. We look around at what we have and it no longer fulfils us. What is it all for? We have been so focussed on the having, we have forgotten to be. While all of this has been going on we’ve become lost in the illusion and… Read the full article

The Price of Milk Awakens Business Ethics

If there is one thing for sure, Business isn’t just business anymore. They have been momentous shifts in the way people shop and choose their products and services. It is no longer about the “price of milk.”  Consumers want to know the whole story. Nothing shouts this out more than the current controversy about the… Read the full article

Listening to where Your Business Wants to Go

When you take time to listen you open up to new possibilities. Listening to the emerging future can give you insights that you haven’t thought about or considered. You can gain new ideas, new innovations. It can stop you in your tracks if you are headed in another direction and get you back on your… Read the full article

Treat the cause, not the symptom.

Healing your business “dis-ease” from the source. Here in this time we are confronted with major challenges in our world. These are reflected in our businesses. What we have created is systems that no longer serve us, yet we keep going back to them and seeking, somehow to get different results. Instead we keep getting… Read the full article

Awakening the Soul of Success

A group of high performing entrepreneurs gathered. They had all made a lot of money, many of them multimillionaires. They had all worked their way through developing their businesses, following their dream and achieving their goals. When they were asked “who has achieved their financial goals?” 80% of them raised their hands. With hands still… Read the full article

Your WHY – the key to a successful business

What is the difference between a good business and a great business that attracts loyal followers? You know the businesses that people talk about, that they line up to buy their products. Those who are more than a business, but more like a social movement. WHY! That is the answer – WHY! They know their… Read the full article

Building the Capacity of Others

As the leader, what you want most is for your people to be able to grow and develop, preferable in your organisation, so they don’t go elsewhere. You want them to be engaged in what they do, even excited and passionate. It is good for them, it is good for morale and it is good… Read the full article