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Inspiring Your Team with a Word for 2017

Inspire Your Team with a Word for 2017

In a previous article I spoke about having a word for the year to inspire you to a greater 2017. This is great when you are working on your own personal development and when you are working by yourself. However, what do you do when you work with a team or you have a business where you are employee other people? Can you find a word that will that will inspire your team?

It is important that you don’t just come in and say, “Well, this is our word for the year’” because you want people to take ownership of it. When they take ownership of it themselves, it is going to be more meaningful, it’s going to be something that they relate to.

So what I suggest you do is encourage them all to come up with their own personal word of the year, and spend some time connecting with them and talking about that as a team. Then you are able to inspire each other and help develop through the year.

Now work together to find that word that is going to work for your team or business for the year. So, get them together, have a brainstorming session and really connect into what is important for the business for the next 12 months and find that word that is going to inspire everyone.

A simple thing, but it’s something that is really important, not to come in and say this is what we’re doing, but to be able to give people the opportunity to have their say and feel a part of what is happening. That really makes a difference.

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