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The Secret of Great Business

What it is that makes some businesses stand out amongst the crowd of all other businesses? What is it that draws consumer confidence and loyalty from their employees? Why is it that some businesses absolutely thrive, while others struggle to survive?

The secret is simple, it is “Purpose”. Yes, I know, most businesses at some stage create vision and mission statements and create a list of values. There they are, all pretty on the wall, or hidden on some back page of their website. However, there is a real difference between a great business and an ordinary one.

A great business has a great purpose. Their purpose is their drive. It isn’t some vague statement like “We will be the best at offering this service/product”, but a real purpose that can reach into the heart of soul of every employee and inspire them. A purpose that touches to the consumers and they say, “Yes that is what I want.”

Here are a couple of examples.

Southwest Airlines purpose; it’s in the business of freedom, helping customers go places they couldn’t go without Southwest low fares.

Ben and Jerry’s, say it’s not just about ice cream; it’s about the earth and the environment too.

When your purpose inspires your staff and allows them to also live their purpose, then things start to happen. The culture starts to shift. People become more motivated and inspired to be productive and creative. It is a starting place for greatness to develop.

What is your business purpose? You know that one that is deep down in your heart. Think about for a while. Brainstorm with your team and find that seed of greatness that is striving to grow into an almighty tree.






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