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To Have a Great Business, Start on the Inside

loveWe hear the message all the time. “You have to look after yourself first.” It’s true, to be the best we can we need to look within. We need to discover what drives us. Take care of our spiritual, physical, emotional and mental needs. To become great on the outside, to attract what is most important in life, we need to be great on the inside. Have you ever considered that this is also true of your business?

Organisations can learn a lot from personal development. If we look at it as a living growing organism, then we allow an organisation to grow and transform. It can breathe and create its own momentum. As with us, it needs all its different parts functioning at their optimum in order to really shine and serve at its highest level.

For this to happen, the focus needs to shift away from “How much we make” to Why are we here, what is this business all about” When we focus within and search for this deeper meaning an organisation can find a momentum that fires up the darkest parts. When you have a clear purpose identified, then all the parts (employees) have something they can work towards, feel a part of. (Besides the pay cheque at the end of the week) They start to feel there is a greater purpose in their work, a reason to get up in the morning and go to work.

Just like in our body, each part has on equal importance. If we put all of our attention on the liver and forget the kidneys, then we are going to have a problem. The same in business, each department, each team, each person has value and worth. They are integral to the running of the business, they have something to offer and their input is important. Each of these needs to be running effectively and efficiency to allow the rest of the “body” to be functioning.

In personal development, we look at taking a holistic approach to our lives. When this is applied to business, going within, seeking out what areas need strengthening, how the “body” can run at optimum level, it starts to achieve a greatness within. It is only when it reaches this “soulful” level does it truly start to shine. Here is when it naturally attracts the growth and attention of the outside. When a person is health and glowing, people are naturally attracted to them. It is the same with business.

Are you ready for your business to be truly great, then start on the inside.

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