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Unwrapping the Layers

We all love unwrapping giftsunwrap. We never know what is in there. It is a surprise. Sometimes we get something we really love and sometimes it is a real dud. That’s a bit like what happens when we start on the journey of building a business.

The journey of building a business is certainly one of discovery: Mostly self-discovery. Every time you move forward there is something else that seems to get in the way. “What could it possibly be this time? I thought I had cleared all my junk.” Off we go again, battling along to get free of something else that is preventing us from being all we can.

But where does all this “stuff” come from? It is hidden away deep in our subconscious, ready to pounce out at you, as you move closer and closer to true soul purpose. Our ego-self has this in-build mechanisms that wants to keep us tightly contained in this safe little world of separation, where we are always longing for me.

Our true soul-self is pulling us forward, where we feel whole and at one with the Spirit. Which do you prefer?

Think of it as a constant game of “Pass the Parcel.” You unwrap one layer to find a surprise. Enjoy and celebrate that surprise then look forward to unwrapping the next layer. Under all this wrapping lays the greatest price of all your true soul essence.

So whatever it is that you unwrap next, know that it is a step closer to your ultimate goal. Of course you have a choice; you can work through it and keep getting closer or closer. Or you can just give up now, it’s all too hard, I’ve had enough. If you keep on going, the road will become clearer and you will be unwrapping the most brilliant prize of all. You!


Shifting this “stuff” can be a simple a process. I love the work I do with Core Belief Reprogramming where we explore where you have gathered these ideas and beliefs from that hold you back and recreate new ones that are empowering and help you move forward in life. For some people it is unwrapping their true life purpose with Hand Analysis makes all the difference in the world. They are able to move forward in confidence that they are on the right track. 

Vibrational healing such as colours, crystals, aromatherapy and sound work are wonderful tools that can support you through this journey of growth and renewal. (Check out my free ebook, Your pathway to Spiritual Abundance, for more details on this.)

If your parcel involves physical illness, it is important to unwrap the underlying cause, which is usually of an emotional cause. Until this cause is addressed, healing can never be complete. If you are dealing with something you would like to get to the bottom of, I can also assist with this and help you to get on the road to recovery, with Cellular Consciousness work. Contact me for more details.

“After just one session I could feel the energy blocks shifting. I highly recommend working with Andrea.” – Lisa Bell, Sydney.

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