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What If You Got What You Want?

getwhatyouwantWe all have these dreams and ideas of what we want in life. We strive for them, work towards them, pray and hope for them. But what if you got what you want? Think about that for a minute………… Yes there is a moment of excitement, but is there something underlying there. What sits below? Is there fear? Is there something that holds you back from that magic that is sitting there?

Oh my, what a thought! We think we want something, but when it is laid out there in front of us, we step back, we block the way and we don’t step through that door.

Why is that? Now I want you to really think about this.

Underlying everything is all these messages we’ve been given. “Life isn’t meant to be easy”, “You have to work hard”. Do you ever hear yourself saying these things? I caught myself the other day saying “This is just too hard.” What! At that point I made the decision. Life was no longer going to be hard; things are going to be easy from now on.

With this new declaration, I was able to look at everything that I thought was “too hard” and realise that really they ARE actually easy. It is just looking at them with fresh eyes and deciding if this is what I really want and how do I want them to look, then taking action. There is always an easier way if you just decide to find it.

Clearing away these underlying core beliefs that we have ingrained in us allows us to open up and discover who we can really be. When we let go of what is below the surface, it starts to unravel and suddenly the path becomes clearer. Suddenly, with all those “I’m not good enough” and “Life is tough” messages gone you are able to step into your true power and live life.

Are you ready to step into your power and have what it is that you want?

I hear a resounding “Yes”.

Then here is where to start. Get out pen and paper and write down every annoying core belief that you have that you think may be holding you back. You know things like, “You have to work hard.” “You can’t be a good person and be rich.” “I’ll never be successful.” So make a list, it may be a very long list when you start to get into it. Once you’re done, go back over the list and ask yourself where this belief comes from. Is it your parents, a teacher, society? Who in your life has given you this idea that has firmly taken hold in your psyche?

Next piece of paper. Think about what it is you really want. Now write down what gets to happen if I get what I want. Think about all the good things, the rewards, the satisfaction, the wonderful life you can create for yourself. Also I want you to look at in another deeper way. Allow yourself to go into who does it affect and dig out any negative thoughts you may have about achieving this. What will happen if you are really standing in your power? These are the things that are causing you to block it.

Now that you have these thoughts all out in the open you are ready to let them go and start creating a life where you do get what you want and love every minute of it.

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