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Your WHY – the key to a successful business

What is the difference between a good business and a great business that attracts loyal followers?

You know the businesses that people talk about, that they line up to buy their products. Those who are more than a business, but more like a social movement. WHY! That is the answer – WHY! They know their reason why. They live their WHY every day. People connect with their WHY and feel a part of it. It is what shifts and moves them.

Have you given some thought to what is your big why? Why do you do what you are doing? OK, there is the fact that you need to financially support yourself and your family. You need to pay the bills. You need a car and a house to live in. You really need to be able to take a break and enjoy life.

But why do what you are doing? What is it that really moves you in life, that you can be crazy passionate about?

There are many different things you could be doing. Why this career or business?

There a lot of different things that drive us to choose what we do with our lives. We have certain skills and talents. Hopefully our work is born out of something we enjoy doing, but often times people come to feel that their work drains them and all the joy is lost.

When we really connect in with our spirit and ask the question why, a new lease of life begins to develop. Delving into your our purpose of why you are here, what is it that you are supposed to be doing and who are you here to help, starts to unlock the real passion behind your choices. It is the people who understand their why that really move and shake the world. They are the ones who keep on going when things get tough, because they know within themselves that this is their calling. They will do anything to make it happen.

For some, spending time connecting with their why, changes everything. Suddenly they find what path they are supposed to be on. When they make the move to get on their true path, things start to move for them.

If you have a business, then asking the big why can take your business to a whole new level. Why does your business exist? Why do you want to serve the people you are serving? When you can see this clearly and communicate to your employees, then they take on your why. They have more motivation to see the business succeed. When you communicate this to your clients or customers they become involved, they understand you and the business better, they connect to your why. It gives them reason to support your business over your competitors. Steve Jobs had a why for Apple and you know where that took the business.

Connect in with your own personal why. Embrace it, feel the passion of the why build up in you. Share it with the world and enjoy the blessings of living your life with purpose.

Having someone work with you to uncover your personal WHY will help you really uncover at the deepest level what it is that really a move you and help you to articulate this to others.

When you think you’ve got the answer, I can help you keep going and go even deeper.

You will end up with a rational statement that you can put into action and relate to others. Together we can get to the real essence of you own personal WHY

Your WHY is the most important part of your business or your work life. When you understand WHY everything can flow. You can connect with the right business partners or the right places of employment. In the end you what you’re WHY guide you into a fulfilling and satisfying life.

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