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Corporations Do Have Soul

mustard-treeMy thoughts, ideas and beliefs were challenged once again by someone telling me that corporate leaders are only interested in one thing – profit. I reached in deep in to my own source and pondered this, once again. The overriding belief came back to me, yes corporations do have soul.

There is a deep longing within each of us to feel that we have a purpose and are living it. There is longing within in us, whether we are ready to recognize it to feel a connection with our own spirit and with those around us; to feel that we are making a difference. It is the same with corporations.

Corporations are not started out as big corporations that are focused on making money. They have been started by one person, or a small group of people who have had a seed of inspiration. An simple idea of how they do something worthwhile. An idea of how they can offer something that can help others, be wanted and make the world a better place. OK, there maybe some exceptions! Just like the tiny mustard seed, they have been nurtured and given conditions in which it has been able to grow into a mighty tree.

While corporations do have soul, many have just been waylaid along the way. They have become caught up in the day to day running, reaching goals and making that essential profit. The focus has become the profit, those original ideas, those seeds of inspiration have long been placed aside, almost forgotten, the dreams of how they would change the world and make it a better place.

It is not their fault, we have been taught ways of doing business that are long outdated. Business models that came out of a different era, which were designed to control and numb the masses. These models did help the society develop and brought us through the industrial revolution into the technological age. However humanity has been evolving and we see new possibilities and adventures before us.

Those same corporate leaders are now starting to step back. They look at the mighty tree that they have grown. They see it has grown and developed, but they have pruned and shaped it hard. It has grown, it is mighty, but it is not all it could be. There is a realization that there are new shoots that can grow in new and exciting directions, seeds that can be nurtured and develop and allowed to grow. Instead of chopping away and shaping each branch, they start to let them grow their own way, to reach new directions, to evolve organically. These new shots have been there all along, but every time one started to grow they were, cut off, withered away and died.

As people are allowed to really flourish in the community of the corporation, the ideas flow and grow, the corporation becomes more than just where the work gets down, it becomes a living growing community that touches lives, makes a difference and a profit.

Corporations really do have soul, and it is time to awaken these souls and bring them into this new more conscious world.

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