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Andrea Putting

Speaker, Author & Trusted Advisor


As an International Speaker, Best-selling and Award-winning Author and Trusted Advisor to Authentic Influencers, Andrea’s talks will inspire you to connect and reconnect, breaking down barriers to rebuild strong communities where we can all thrive. 

“When the heartbeat of a business and organisation is lost, the numbers will quickly portray that same story. Andrea Putting has transcended her lived experiences in the workplace. Add to this her years of research and service to community, and she is indeed an Authentic Influencer. This is a time of great responsibility for CEOs and Business Leaders to nurture their community. I highly recommend you invite Andrea as your Trusted Advisor to strengthen the heartbeat of your organisation/business. With her eloquent guidance, you can create and nurture your teams and watch them, and your numbers soar. “– Heather Joy Bassett, Business Life Strategist.

As a confident and experienced speaker, she delivers a message that inspires the mind, touches the heart, and awakens the soul. 


You can book her to speak at conferences, seminars, and for your workplace gatherings, in person or virtually.

Topics include;

  • Collaborative Prosperity – Growing Teams who Change the World
  • Compassionate Prosperity – Success is Not Enough
  • Compassionate Purpose – Discovering a Life of Fulfilment
  • Chocolate and Coffee Breaks – Breaking Down Barriers and Building Community

Chocolate and Coffee Workshops are available and designed according to your organisation’s needs. We discover the current issues you need to address and where your vision is taking you through consultation with you. With this in mind, the workshop delivered to you and your team will give you a laser focus on your direction.

 “Andrea has the ability to help participants build a greater connection and understanding of each other. To appreciate their diversity.  To discover new ways to nurture oneself, and acknowledge giftedness, joys and inner strengths.” – Helen McIlroy, workshop participant, Minister, Business Owner.

Working with Andrea is about bringing teams together to permit each individual to step up into their personal calling. They are empowered to discover their strengths and then use them to support the team’s goals. Teams become stronger and more committed to each other and their work. Beyond chocolate and coffee, her methodology is based on work used worldwide by universities, governments, corporations, businesses, community groups, and individuals to solve problems and initiate new projects.

“Sometimes you come across great leaders with natural abilities but no real understanding of how they do it, so they cannot share the why, how, what, when or who. Andrea Putting is a great leader with innate talents that can explain how to become a great leader yourself. I have now worked in a voluntary role with her for over three years and know that her guidance has made a huge difference to who I am today. I recommend that you connect with her ideas and passion for making a difference in communities for all of us.” – Leigh-Anne Sharland, Founder of Building Your Mindset Muscle and Executive Advisor in Change.

Andrea's Talks

How Chocolate Revealed My Superpowers.

Beyond Service

A Beacon of Hope

Bringing People Together in a Spirit of Love and Acceptance

Compassionate Prosperity.
When Success is Not Enough

Chocolate, coffee and conversation. Changing the world with the simple pleasures in life

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