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How will you make a difference

So you have your goals set out before you. You have made the plans of where you will be, what you have achieved by 31 December 2021. You are ready to make this year great.

But hang on a minute.

Have you forgotten something?

How will you make a difference? How will you touch someone’s life? How will you change the world, at least for someone?

Setting our own personal goals is one thing. We want to achieve something, grow something, become something. However, I have found that the one thing that is most rewarding, that offers the fulfillment in life is when we make a difference in someone else’s life. When we give without expectation of receiving.

On my podcast, Social Mission Revolution, I speak to the most inspiring people who have set out on missions that are all about that. They give without expectation of getting back. The give, they serve, they make things happen, not for themselves, but for the sake of someone else. They make a difference in someone else’s life, they change their world.

The idea of changing the world is nothing new. It is something that seems to be ingrained in each of us. However, it can seem so big that it is overwhelming for most of us. Yet, if we make a difference in one person’s life, then we have changed the world for them.

The ways we can make a difference is infinite. For some of us, it may mean a big global movement, a massive project that will alter the course of history. Just as importantly there are the projects, the intentions, that touch and move one person, that something that makes someone feel that they are a person of worth and have value to give and share with the world.

Each and everyone of us has this within us. There is something that you can do. There is someway for you to make a difference.

Look beyond your own needs and wants and listen to that which is calling to you. Listen to what is in your heart, that which moves you. This beyond the why has the capacity to take you to places you never dreamed of. It will open the doorways to your personal greatness and how you can have your ultimate impact on the world.

Join me on the journey this year and explore beyond the why. Are you ready to join the Social Mission Revolution? Connect with me now and discover what will speak to you so strongly that you CAN’T NOT do it.

Andrea Putting is a Speaker, Author and Expert Authority in Social Mission that connects with the Soul, speaks to the Heart and Inspires community. She will take you on a journey Beyond the Why where you will connect with your deepest sense of calling to find true fulfillment and joy. Connect with her now.

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