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In the Middle of the Storm

We are in the midst of the storm. Waiting for it to be over. We know there is damage, but we can’t yet clean it up. With each surge the damage is greater. The cracks that were left from the first hit that didn’t have time to heal are opening up wider and deeper. More damage is being caused. All we can do is wait it out and hope for the best.

The times we find ourselves are leaving us feeling battered and bruised. We don’t know where to turn or who to believe. We have been bunkered down in the safety of our homes for so long. Constantly told it is not yet safe to emerge.

The storm is raging. Not just outside, but inside. Our frustrations our uncertainties are making it hard for us to maintain our lives. We are becoming battle weary. The fatigue is driving us hard. Who will be at the end of this? What will be the damage? How long will it take for us to clear up the debris that is left in its wake.

Hurricane Covid has hit us hard. Whether we believe in it or not, it will leave its scars on each and everyone of us. There is no doubt that our communities have been damaged. Our relationships have been tried beyond what we would have thought as being reasonable.

What will it take for us to pick up the pieces?

It is going to take an asserted effort for us to rebuild our relationships, to reconnect with friends and community. It will not be the same, it may never be the same. We have been instilled with the idea of social distancing. It is not safe to touch each other, to be close to each other. But can we live like this?

We are human. We need to have connection with each other. We need to touch each other, we need to be together, we need to work together, we need to play together. We need this to survive and thrive in this world. We need each other.

Let’s not wait until the damage is so severe that it is unrepairable. Let’s start picking up the pieces now. While so many our Zoomed-out, we still need to connect and create those special moments. Moments that matter.

Is it time for us to revisit old methods of connections? “The telephone can’t take the place of a smile”, but hearing someone’s voice is so much better than a text message.  A friend of mine, Warren Tate,  started a campaign, Call a Friend Today. He’s message is to pick up the phone and call one friend and just have a chat. While we have all be quite low, the depression and suicide rates are spiking. We need to check in on our friends, as we never know how they are feeling. Our phone call just may save their lives. I recorded a podcast on this, you can listen to it on or on iTunes or Spotify.

How about writing a letter? Wow! How will your friends and families face light up when they receive an old-fashioned letter in the mail? Think of that. Someone took the time to sit and write a letter to you, to express their feelings, thoughts and memories that are precious to both of you. Then they posted it. Yes, we are still allowed to go to the post office. What a joy that would be.

The storm may not be over, the true damage not revealed, but we can take every opportunity to connect with someone and make those moments that matter.

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