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Andrea Putting

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By Mason Clue (with the help of Grandma – Andrea Putting)

Now that I’m one and so very experienced in the world, it is time for me to share my wisdom with all you  big people. It seems to me you have forgotten some important lessons in life. I have already achieved so much in my life and couldn’t have done so unless I was humble and ready to learn from those who have more knowledge and experience than me. So here are my tips to mastery.


When you want to learn something new, take time to study those who have already mastered the skill. Watch them carefully. Watch every movement they make.


Break down each new skill into micro steps. It’s going to take time. You must be willing to fail. Because you will fail, time and time again. You will fall down, but never, never give up. Keep on practicing those small things. Do it again and again until you have it right. Then, keep on going and practice some more. This is mastery. You must keep on going. Time and time again.


Never be afraid to ask for help, reach out your hand. This is the only way you will get up and going. Let your trusted mentored hold both your hands just to get you started. Slowly but surely, you will move on to one hand and then be walking all by yourself. But that is not the end. You still need your mentor there to watch and guide you. You will still fall over from time to time. You will find bumps in the road, where you need to reach out your hand and be helped up to the next step. Practice, practice and practice some more.


Don’t be concerned about how you look when you are learning. Take every piece of encouragement that is offered. Eventually you will get it right. One day you will have mastered each and every step and be running. You will no longer have to think about each and every movement, they will smoothly become one.


Celebrate. Each time you accomplish that next step something new, applaud your own achievements. Invite others to celebrate with you. Becoming a master has been hard work and you have got there.


Never, never stop exploring, reaching out, learning something new. Take time to smell the flowers, feel the textures, see something like you have never seen it before. Listen to new songs and dance to every tune. This world is full of amazing experiences. You just need to reach out and try them all.

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