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Spirituality does belong in business

breathe-smI’m using the “S” word.

I’ve been told so many times “Maybe you shouldn’t use the word “Spirituality”, when talking about your work,” but to me, Spirituality is the essence of business and I want to be upfront about what I do and who I am. Without Spirituality business has no soul. It doesn’t connect with people, its employees, or its consumers.

We all have a personal view or idea of what spiritualty is. To me, it is about connecting to my soul, to the higher purpose, and oneness that we all share. When I am connected with my spiritualty, I am guided in my life to make the right decisions, I connect with people on a deeper level and I am committed to creating something for the greater good. This is what I want to see in the businesses I work with.

So the question is why is it so important for businesses to incorporate Spirituality? Well, I’m not taking about any particular religion or anyone being forced to “tow” any particular philosophy or practices. It’s about allowing the Spirit to breathe through the business. Opening up to the promptings of the Spirit and making space for it to grow.

When a business allows the Spirit to breathe through it, the focus becomes one of community. Everyone understands the purpose of the business and works for the greater good of all. The leaders invite spiritual guidance into their decision making. Instead of snap decisions, they use discernment about what will be best for all. Their focus is about their employees, the consumers and the community.

Employees feel valued and that their work has purpose. They connect in with the goals and values of the business, so they feel inspired and motivated to give it their all. They are more productive and present with their work. They know that they can contribute with new ideas and suggestions.

Consumers get the sense that this business is one with ethics. It is one that they want to support. It has clear values and it stands by them in each and every decision it makes.

This business is one that stands out from the crowd. With Spirituality the business comes alive. It is seen as a business with Soul. Employees love to go to work there. Consumers want to support its initiatives, so purchase its products and/or services. Profit is not the focus, but the result. The business can grow and become a movement that creates an enduring legacy.

Yes, I can say all this without using the “S” word, but I believe in claiming who we are and what we believe, no matter what that is. And this is Spirituality to me.

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