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When Staff Don’t Give A Stuff

MH900443197It’s true. Most people don’t like their jobs. They go along, do the work and get out. There is nothing compelling them to stay, except the pay cheque at the end of the week. Other than that, they don’t really care. In fact the figures are more than 75% of people are disengaged and disinterested in their work. So, how are you supposed to run your business and be successful when three-quarters of your staff just don’t give “a stuff”?

Good question isn’t it? The question is why is this so prevalent?

The answer is fairly simple but sounds more like a question – WHY! When you started your business you were excited and passionate about what you were doing. This excitement was contagious. Those around you knew what you were doing and why you were doing it.

You kept on going, building your business. After a while, the excitement starts to slow down as you get into the day to day running of the business. Now what is in the forefront is meeting deadlines and achieving those financial goals. The “why” you started your business is fading into the background. Your staff has no idea they just go to work, do the minimum expected and go home.

What if this changed? What if everyone came to work excited about the company, excited about what the company stands for? Every day? It is possible.

If you look at the big successful business in the world, such as Apple, you will see they have a very clear “why”. This keeps the business focused, the people alive with excitement and helps them to continually create new and innovative products. They focus on the “why” the business was formed in the first place. Their “why” has spilled over into their customers and they have extremely loyal fans who line up to buy their products, just because they are Apple.

Back to you. If you are clear on why you do what you do and can articulate that clearly to your employees, suppliers, customers and all stakeholders, then you are able to evoke an emotional response to your business. If it is something that they can say I also believe in that, or I what to be a part of that feeling, that way of being, then you are going to have them hooked.

Creating a passionate following is about emotion, so your why needs to be reflective of your deepest emotions, the stirrings of your soul. What is that starting you on this track, what is it that moves you every time to get up and make a difference? This is what will start the ball rolling of getting your team on your side. As Simon Sinek says “Start With Why.”


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