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Walking with Colour

rainbow-bridgeWalking with Colour

I took myself on a journey, a journey through colour, to explore myself. I explored, my dreams, my desires, my greatest wishes and along the way I uncovered what was getting in my way of my great success that I had always believed was to be mine. It was finally time to let go and heal the wounds. To release all that stood in my way and follow my rainbow that was to lead to my very own pot of Gold.



red pathRed – Is it safe?

With the companionship of Red, I felt safe to reveal the fears of my live. There standing in front of me was the fear of my own power. What if it isn’t safe to be me or to reveal the truth of me? I pondered. Oh it felt safer in the dark, hide in the corner and don’t be seen. Yes that is safer.

But how could I grow like this. How could I live the dreams I had. I couldn’t. It was time to let go and feel the safety that red and the earth was offering to me. It held out its hand and I took carefully, gently, I rose to my feet to be welcomed into the world.

I realised that I was living in a jail cell, of my own making. None of this was real. My whole had been affected because I was hiding, too afraid to enter the world; afraid to take on my passion, to accept my power. Now I claim Red as my own. I wear you proudly, feeling strong, grounded and safe. I am present in the now. Now in this place, it is safe for me to get on my path and start walking it. I am here Red, walk with me and I will have the courage to move forward.

Orange – No longer the path 2

I wasn’t sure as Orange entered my life. There was something about Orange. It was strong and clearly my resistance to it has a message that is profound. I must explore this closely.

The question came, “Am I being a martyr, sacrificing myself to everything in my life?” Oh yes, this is what women do. Everyone and everything else comes first. In this we cut off. Cut off from our true desires of what we really want. What is it I really want? Now that I needed to explore. To that matter, what is it I really feel?

As I had sat in my little jail cell for so long, I was not connecting. I didn’t connect with myself, so how could I connect with others. Oh Orange, you have so much to teach me.

I opened up to orange in my life and I came back to life. As I finally connected with my own needs and fulfilled them, I could finally truly help others. My creativity opened up and was ready to come out and play. I was ready to emerge in the world, to talk, to dance to play with others. Orange brings me freedom and gives me the ability to reach out, radiant and extend myself.

Forever more I will keep you by my side, dear Orange. I’m so sorry that I rejected you for so long, for you are the true pleasure and desire in my life. You give me enthusiasm for life.



Yellowyellow brick road – My light will not hide.

As the sun rose and Yellow appeared, I knew my life was about to explode. For there it was shining so brightly I could hardly see. How could I have pushed this radiance aside? Suddenly I realised this brilliance was radiating from me.

I had been blocking the sun, walking in the shadows, afraid to see the light, the power that resided with in me. Yet here it is reflecting at me, asking why I had been hiding from it. I was so frightened, I didn’t want you to see my truth, I’ll let someone else shine and hide behind them. I don’t want to stand on my own two feet that is too scary. You’ll take care of me, I’ll just stay here.

The time had come; my light would not hide any more. It was getting brighter and brighter, no matter what I did to try and hide it, it wanted desperately to shine. It wants to stand up and stand out, to speak out and no longer be quiet. To take on the challenge to be me; the real me; the me who has value and worth in the world. To show the courage that has been hidden deep down.  I am open now and willing to change.


Yes, yellow shine out from me. Walk this journey with me and I can step boldly on the path that is mine to follow. I can now be authentic to who I am. I am me and I am proud of it.


green pathGreen – Safe to Open my Heart.

“In order to give you must first receive”, I heard Green whisper. “Open your arms and receive. I shall fill you with love.” I wondered, had I been shutting out love from my life? Had I not been receiving what was there for me?

As I dared to open my arms and feel into the green, my heart was filled with love and compassion. I felt at ease. I felt at home. Green is like that.

I explored my heart, where I felt loved, where I felt betrayed. How had I isolated myself from others, just because. I had closed myself off, not willing to trust my feelings or my heart. Afraid they may leave me, afraid that I was not lovable enough.

It was time to let myself feel grief and let that flow, then release the sorrow that was held within me.

It was time to love myself and know that I don’t have to be perfect to be loved. Well, to accept that I am perfect as I am and I don’t need to be anyone or anything else.  I am all I need to be.

Green held me tightly and I felt safe to open my heart. I can express my love and reach out to people. I can connect safely with them. Thank you Green for helping me to breathe in harmony.


blue pathBlue – Speak up! Who me?

My dear friend blue as you come to me a peace comes over me. I know I can trust you and I am ready to walk with you. It is time for me to speak my truth, to share my message.

It can be hard sometimes to speak up for myself, others always seem to have the right thing to say. It can be so much easier to keep quiet. Blue looks at me sternly. “You must speak up. Speak up for yourself, speak up for others. You have a message to share and it is time.” My throat tightens with trepidation, “Who me?”

Blue surrounds me gently, I feel the presence of angels lift the anxiety. My throat is at ease. I am at ease with divine will and ready to be opened to new possibilities.

I express my needs and have them fulfilled. My truth stands before me as I start to express myself freely and share with those who need me. Blue, blessed blue, always be my friend you bring me such calm reassurance.


indigo pathIndigo –  Into the Depths.

I dive into the depths of the night and indigo is there. “Are you ready to explore into your greatest challenges and difficulties and uncover the lessons hidden there?” I hold my breath for a moment, then yell out Yes. Yes it is time.

I start to see what my lessons are about.  I connect with my higher self and seek out what is most important. I start to understand the blocks that have held me back. I really haven’t been living in my most authentic self. I want to be more, so much more. I want to live with my highest integrity.

As Indigo walks with me I see all my self-imposed conditioning falling away.  No longer is there any fear there, this is who I am, the direction is becoming clearer. I let my thoughts wash over me and quiet my mind.

As the dawn begins to rise, I connect in with my highest intuition and inspirations. I see the vision before me of all I can be. Now I am the master of myself and in touch with the I AM. I AM me and I have faith in my abilities.


purple pathPurple – Inspired into Inner Peace.

My beloved Purple, how I have loved you and cherished our continual journey together. Now I open up to a deeper relationship with you. As we walk I sense a deep sense of trust of life, that I am cared for and connected with the Divine, we are one.

Sometimes, my dear Purple, I sit in fear and it shuts me down, but with you beside me I feel assured that all is good and there is nothing to fear.  There is a peace here beyond all peace. Here I always feel safe and secure.

As I walk each step I can sense your guidance on my path, and a greatest awareness comes to me of where I am going. You give me strength as I step up into the roles you have for me, to be a leader, to inspire and to bring the gift of inner peace.

I no longer have to wait until everything is perfect for I am guided by the divine source.



My journey with colour continues each day as I now feel into myself and instinctual know which colour it is that I need to take the lead for the day. As I grow and develop colour comes with me, holding me, supporting me and giving me the courage to go forward into places I have never before been.

Colour has the ability to heal on the mind, body and soul.

It clears the blocks and lifts us up to create the best versions of ourselves.

It supports us as we explore new possibilities and opportunities in our lives.

It propels us into action, connects us with our deepest desires, gives us courage to stand up, to love and to speak up.

It gives us visions of what can be and connects us with our highest self, the divine and all that is.

Then it brings us home again, to rest and rejuvenate.

Yes, colour is mighty powerful and what a journey it can be, when you invite it into to walk with you on your path.

Are you ready for this majestic expedition which takes you deep into your soul and then expands out into the world where you can boldly walk on your true path? Is it time for you to the all that you truly are? To release all the beauty inside and follow your dreams? To follow your rainbow to your pot of Gold? YES!! It is time, I am ready! Then let’s get started!

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