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Beyond the Why

In a time where there is high disengagement and rapid turnovers in employment, there has come a movement towards finding that sense of “Why” a business exist. When a business has a clear purpose and shares it with its employees, customers and all stakeholders, then it takes on a new sense of direction.

The research shows that businesses who do have a sense of purpose and communicate it are in fact those who are soaring ahead. In a recent study 53 percent of executives who said their company has a strong sense of purpose said their organization is successful with innovation and transformation efforts,

It is an important driver in business. However it can’t be faked. It needs to be real and authentic.

Finding your purpose “Why” requires you to really know and understand yourself. You can search around in your stories and experience and create for yourself quite a powerful Why. But is it enough?

I believe it is just the tip of the iceberg.

For me personally, I have long had a sense of what my life purpose is. I can gather in stories around it and even add my values. But this is just surface stuff. It is the intellectual stories that I tell. I have found that this does not, however, give me the true essence of my message. It also didn’t give me that strong sense of “I have to do this.”

I needed to dive deeper and deeper. I needed to uncover the whole iceberg. There needs to be the deep soul connection with your true SELF, rather than self. That higher sense of being. Here is where we can listen to the small still voice that calls us. That gives us the feeling that “this is what I must do” It really can go beyond the why. Sometimes you can’t even think of a logic reason why you need to do this. It may not fit in with your personal story or experience; you just know you have to do it.

But story is important, so you dig in to find a why that you can express and share with people so they can understand and get on board.

To me the energy around this is like a Tsunami. You look around and observe what is happening in your life, you know your stories, your values, what is most important to you. Like the rush of water leaving the shore, you draw that all back and into you and go deep within. This energy is now so powerful within you, the vibrations so strong, that you now have no other option than to release it and the Tsunami of ideas and inspirations come rushing forward. You can’t help but flood your life with this. This is what you must do; this is what you have to share with the world. This is your message.

Once you have this type of certainty, there is no turning back, you have heard your calling and you have to give it your all, nothing else will do. Nothing else will give you a sense of fulfilment.

If you are feeling doubt within you, take some time to draw back, review, reflect and listen. Listen to what is calling out to you. Go beyond the why.

In my next video I will talk to you about going Beyond the why in a group, workplace or organisation, that creates community  powerful direction and innovations. Keep your eyes open for it



















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