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Beyond the Why in Community

When we are working with other people, we want to create a sense of community and a collective sense of purpose. While in business, it helps to have an overriding Why, we need to be open to going beyond the why.

Research shows us that 7 out of 10 businesses do not reach their full potential. Some of the reasons for this is losing touch with their true purpose and not creating an environment conducive to being innovative. These businesses are sadly just a shadow of their highest future potential and may never get out of survival mode.

How powerful would it be for your business to have employees feel a sense of ownership to the why of the group, to together come together and create a greater sense of calling within the community? For the Why of the business, to not just be your why, but their why and allow this to lead together for the highest future potential to born with each and every one.

To do this we need to go beyond the why.

There is a quote from the Sacred Book of Mayans. “We did not put our ideas together . We put our purposes together. And we agreed. Then we decided.”

Creating an environment where everyone feels safe to be open and express their true selves is the first step in this process. After all, do you really want a lot of yes people or do you want to grow your business and fulfil your dreams?

Coming together to share their stories, what is important to each one and their own personal why, will start to open up doors. As you start to communicate on this open and honest level, something begins to change.

I see this like a whirlpool, where everyone’s personal stories start to merge together and are drawn into the silence waiting to emerge as something new. The energy grows. As time is allowed to retreat and reflect on these stories, and we let go of expectations, then the future begins to emerge. The greater calling of the community starts to reveal itself in new and inspiring ways. New ideas an possibilities spring forth that belong to everyone in the group, not just one trying to sell a story. It is everyone’s story and they are ready to ride the wave and act on the inspiration that has come. Here we find the highest future potential of a business or organisation. Here we find stuff that legacies are made of.

When we come together as a community with a sole soulful purpose then anything is possible. This is where we find true greatness and create a powerful legacy.

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