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Awakening Passion in Your Employees

happy staffBusinesses are started for a reason. You have an idea, something that stirs up with in you. The idea grows and grows, it becomes a passion. It is exciting and the desire to create this becomes overwhelming. You just have to do it. Your idea is your baby and you know it will help people and make the world a better place, it just has to work.

You take all your passion and feelings of purpose, work hard and create this new venture. You nurture it and it grows. Eventually the time comes when you need other people to join you on this journey. How could they not be excited about this? How could they not feel your passion?

It’s very easy, as time goes by to get bogged down in the day to day running of a busy. There is a lot to do and there are the essential goals to be met. In the midst of all this, your passion can wane. You keep your desires and feeling of purpose close to your heart to keep them safe. The everyday starts to become drudgery.

It doesn’t help when your employees don’t seem to care. It feels like they just come along and do as little as possible, as much as necessary and that is all. It’s a constant battle to keep them motivated and you just can’t afford to keep dangling carrots in front of them. Your business excites you, but they just don’t seem to get it.

While not all of us are made to be entrepreneurial, we all have that deep seated need to feel like we are living our purpose. We all need to feel that what we do every day is worthwhile and is somehow making a difference. We all need to feel that we are valued and offer value.

Well, of course, you want these employees who are passionate about working; however what does it take to evoke that passion and feeling of purpose for them working in your business?

Starting out with sharing your passion and purpose is the first place to start, everything else follows from this. Be clear in yourself why your business exist. Go back into what it was that got you started on this journey. Ask yourself Why? Why? Why? Share this with your people, allow them to have input on their thoughts of why the business exists. Why do they work there?

Exploring the values you bring into the business and that you want to be evident everyday gives you a good solid grounding. Values aren’t just to be made pretty by a graphic designer and put up on your wall. They are to be lived every day, in every action you take. When employees can see and feel these values and they feel aligned with them, you are on the way to have more productive and happier staff.

The important thing to remember is that your employees have a lot to offer. When they can get excited about what the business is about, where it is going and are empowered to offer their ideas and make decisions, they are going to be more excited about their work. The truth is that is not the work that will excite them, but the purpose behind the work. When the can see that this business matters, that it is making a difference in the world, then this is where they will want to be and they will give their all.


Are you ready to take your business from OK into greatness? Do you want your workplace to be where everyone enjoys their work? Where employees are passionate and motivated about what they do? Where ideas flow and grow? To be more than just a workplace, to become a living growing community that really touches lives, makes a difference and a profit? Then it is time to talk with Andrea.


Andrea Putting is a Business Soul Coach, specialising in “Awakening the Soul of Business.” Revisioning organisations with new paradigms, where people and business thrive. Get ready to transform your business into an inspirational movement.

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