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Listening to the Emerging Future of your Business

purple pathToday’s world demands something more than ever before. Being a success is no longer just about how much money your company makes or how powerful you are. It is about something more, something bigger and far more important.

Once the way was clear cut, there were processes to follow, predictions to be made, goals to be met. Nothing else mattered; just strive ahead for that goal, forsaking everything else….even your soul.

But something has happened. No longer are we content to push and push ourselves for more and more. Something is burning deep within our souls, it is calling us. What is it? What is it that we a truly longing for? “Things” no longer satisfy us.

While there will always be a place for planning and strategies, the focus now turns inwards. Taking time to review and reflect the reason why your business exists in the first place can begin a new resurgence in energy, for you and your employees. When we focus on the “purpose” of the business, the deep soulful purpose there is the spark that makes every day, every moment worthwhile. It gives people a deeper sense of “this is all worthwhile”. Why do you do what you do?

This is a humbling place, feeling like you have a calling; that your business is in fact “a mission.” It fills your heart with wonder and desire to make it happen, make it successful. When this is at the core of everything that you do, and every action, process and sale of your business, then something miraculous can occur. Each of the parts come into place. How can you ensure that you integrate your true purpose in every aspect of your business?

When you have a clear image of what is motivating you, take some time to listen. We often sink back into what has been successful from the past. We follow the clear cut patterns that others have created or that appear to be the natural procession of where things will go. That doesn’t mean it is the right direction for your business. This is a new era and new ways are emerging.

A business can have a life of its own and when we stop to connect into where it wants to go, where it is naturally developing, success will come easier. Let’s just stop for a moment, yes right now! (After you have read the instructions of course) Take a moment, take a few deep breathes and close your eyes. Focus on this question and allow the answers to flow. Just allow the question to move through your thoughts for a few minutes. Don’t worry about answers or try to figure anything else. Just listen. Then grab a pen and paper and start writing. So here is the question, “What is my business called to be/do?” OK, do it.

Allowing others to share with you what their insights are brings further ideas or helps to clarify what comes to you. This is the ideal way to start your brainstorming and helping your employees to feel part of the purpose and direction of the business.

Listening to the emerging future can give you insights that you haven’t thought about or considered. You can gain new ideas, new innovations. It can stop you in your tracks if you are headed in another direction and get you back on your path. Take time to just listen to what is evolving and act upon your greatest inspirations to move your business from good to great.


Are you ready to take your business from OK into greatness? Do you want your workplace to be where everyone enjoys their work? Where employees are passionate and motivated about what they do? Where ideas flow and grow? To be more than just a workplace, to become a living growing community that really touches lives, makes a difference and a profit? Then it is time to talk with Andrea.




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