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Chocolate, Coffee & Conversation

Opening the door to Authentic Influence

The simple pleasures of life, chocolate, coffee and conversation have a lot to offer in so many ways. Enjoying that soothing and comforting experience of chocolate melting in your mouth. A warm cup cradled in your hands. The conversation connecting you to the life and experience of another.

This is the joy of Chocolate and Coffee Breaks. When shared with someone who is different to you in some way, it starts to break down barriers that may otherwise keep you at a distance. It is a simple way to start the process of healing community and understanding other ways of living, other cultures, other religions, other opinions.

It is simple really, yet very effective.

The Land of Welcome, a Melbourne based organisation founded by Robert Ackroyd, provides opportunities for refugees to meet with and create relationships with other Australians, has been holding Chocolate and Coffee Breaks as a way of opening up in a new area. One such group has developed in Brisbane and attracting people to explore the diversity of the community and start working together.

Here they find acceptance of who they are, as they develop a new sense of belonging in the community. This is the start of them working together so that they can all contribute to a bigger vision.

As leaders, it is important for us to have an influence on our teams and in our communities. However, we need to consider what is the influence we are having. Chocolate and Coffee Breaks allows us to take time to listen and understand what people think, feel and need, rather than us making assumptions. It brings people together giving in a spirit of acceptance and provides them with a sense of “I am important, I am worth listening to.” This is the beginning of having Authentic Influence.

Authentic Influence comes when we listen to others on a deep level when we take time to ensure we understand them and their needs and empower them to step up and live the life they were designed to live.

This is the beauty of Chocolate and Coffee Breaks. It is alluring to all the senses and empowering way to build community and have Authentic Influence.

To find out more about how you can be involved in Chocolate and Coffee Breaks, visit and download the free resource pack.

Andrea Putting is a Speaker, Author and Expert Authority in Authentic Influence. She guides leaders to achieve a powerful, strong, loyal team and community, through building a Social Mission, so that they can have authentic influence and unleash their ultimate impact on the world. Connect with her now

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