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Colour to Grow Your Business By

MH900422534“I feel stuck” is something I often hear when working with clients. They have all it takes and more to build a beautiful soulful business that serves the people they love, yet something holds them back.

There are so many different reasons that come up stopping us from moving forward and everyone has their own story. As a colour therapist and a business coach I find it fascinating to look at where these issues sit in the body. Working with colour can help us shift what is blocking the chakra and help get us back into action.

So, let’s take a look at some of the common blocks that you may be experience and which chakra and colour they relate to.


If you are having difficulty focusing on your tasks and lacking confidence to move forward. You just can’t achieve you goals or just to get yourself going, then the Base chakra is in need of some work. Focus on connecting with red. Red will help you get grounded, be centred and increase your energy. A balanced base chakra will also help you with manifesting your abundance.


Difficulties with your self-worth relate to your sacral chakra. Orange is the colour for you if you need to enhance your ability to relate to people, radiant and extend yourself out into the world. Out of balance sacral chakra can really affect your money flow and relationship. Does your creativity need a boost; call on orange.  If fear, guilt or emotions are holding you back from being everything you can be in your business connect with orange and start to enjoy life.


Yellow is the colour for your solar plexus chakra and the centre of your personal power. When this area is balanced you will be follow your true path, open to your gifts as a powerful goddess. Not wanting to take responsibility is a real solar plexus chakra issue, as there is a problem with trusting yourself.  If you are depressed, worrying about what others might think, confused or feeling controlled by others open up to yellow in your life and bring the happiness in. Breathe it in like sitting in the warmth of the sun allow it to energies


Get out in nature and enjoy green when you need to connect better with others at a heart level. This is particularly useful when others around you are starting to feel threatened by your growing power. If you are feeling sorry for yourself that things aren’t going how you want or planned, a good dose of green or pink can help bring you into your own love.  If you are having issues with being afraid of letting go, being free, getting hurt, or others feeling hurt  or abandon by what you do or you being in your power, green (or pink) will see you through and strength your heart chakra.


When you need to strengthen your communication in your business call on blue, the throat chakra. This will help you speak freely about your experiences and thoughts. So any difficulty you have with holding back not being able to express yourself and speaking your truth can be helped with blue; a great support for those who are little quiet or shy. When you are creating your marketing message, surrounding yourself with blue energy will help you to really express your true message.


Your third eye chakra needs to be in balance for you to connect in with your intuition. You connect in with your higher self; no need for guilt, ego or masks. Working with indigo opens you up into the truth of who you really are, the guidance from your higher self is leading the way, so this is where you will open up to new ideas and understandings . If you are afraid of success (which is actually a common hidden fear), not being assertive in your business or with clients, undisciplined  or feeling a little over-sensitive, take some time out with indigo.


Violet opens us up to the divine, which is just what we are seeking on our spiritual path. If you are feeling indecisive, have no spark of joy or lost in a world of your own then a healthy dose of violet can help you along. However if you are in a constant state of frustration you may have had an overdose or purple and need a bit of yellow to balance it out.


Having balanced chakras is a real bonus to your business growth and will help you through the toughest times. But life happens and we all have ups and downs. When we are aware of our chakras and the energy that drives us, it is easier for us to understand what is out of balance and what needs a boost. Spend some time feeling into your body and get a good sense of where the emotion or difficulty sits. Focus on the corresponding colour and breathe it in.

Colour connects you with your true self. Enjoy the colours around, surround yourself with new ones and have a colourful, successful business.



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