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Coming Together with Purpose

Business Soul Food Episode 30

There is a quote from the Sacred Book of Mayans. “We did not put our ideas together. We put our purposes together. And we agreed. Then we decided.”

I really love this quote because it seems to me that when people come together to create new ideas or to make something happen, they often come together with their own agendas. Each person has their own agenda, their own ideas and they want to present those and push their own ideas forward. But when you let go of those ideas and you come together with just your purpose, with open mind, open heart and open will, is that what happens is new ideas emerge that may not have every of emerged if you do it on your own.

Coming together to find that common purpose and flowing from there, creates something magical. So next time you are getting together with people to brainstorm to develop new ideas, new innovations, and solve problems, try to put aside your own agendas and allow that something greater to flow and to come forward. Allow the emerging greatness to be what occurs as a result.

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