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Business Soul Food Episode 31

My background is in Naturopathy and I used to have a business, which I sold, in selling Natural Health products. When I sold that I went off and got a job, like normal people do. What I found after a while was that I was losing connection with myself. Everything in the business was very head orientated. We had to stay in our heads, and the rest of who we leave behind. There wasn’t really the room for the heart stuff or the spirit stuff.

Coming from a naturopathic background, that’s a big failing. It’s the way things start to crack and fall apart. It is a very important part of who we are, and important that we are able to bring our whole selves into any experience. On a personal level, when we are balanced with our head, heart and spirit, we are able to achieve more, we’re more connected with who we are, we are able to connect in with that greater creativity and we are able to achieve our highest potential.

Let’s look at that in business terms. What happens when a business is purely in the head space? I know that a lot of businesses don’t start out that way. They are very passionate about what they doing and why they’re doing it. However, with the day to day grind of getting things done and achieving the goals then all of the other stuff seems to fall away.

What’s important here is that we find ways to rebalance the business with head, heart and spirit. When we can do that we are able to reach in and become something far greater. We are more passionate about what we are doing, and have a happier, healthier workplace. Everyone is in a place where they are able to participate and at a far deeper level and contribute. They feel more fulfilled. The business becomes more productive, more creative, more innovative, and it gives off a natural spirit to its customers that this is a business with soul and something people want to connect with.

It is a really important aspect for us to consider; growing our business with head, heart and spirit, and becoming a whole within itself.

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