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Creative Winning

When my children where very little and we would play games together. I would explain how to play the particular board game to the children and we start playing.

After a few turns at the game and starting to understand how the game works, my youngest child, my daughter, who was always very intelligent little girl, (now a very intelligent woman) with a strategic kind of mind, would start to come out with different moves. These were not rules that were in the game. So I had to explain to her that this was not how you play the game. Now she was very young here between 2 and 4 and so I wanted to encourage her, so we didn’t tell her that this was cheating.

Every time we played a game it would be the same. Chantel would come up with some new unique move that we may not have even thought of. Eventually I realised what was going on here. She was looking at the game from a whole different perspective than we were. We think we have to follow rules and do things certain ways.

chantel0006She had none of this in her thinking or experience at this point. She just saw that she was at point A and needed to get to Point B and be the first one there. That’s all she knew. We started to call this “Creative Winning.”

We do this all the time. We have programmed into us that we must do things in a certain way, we follow the rules and the way things have always been. What if we started to look at things differently, with fresh eyes, like the 3-year-old Chantel?

What if we took a whole new perspective on “the game” of business? We are here at Point A, we need to get to Point B, how can we do this, not looking back but looking forward.

Let’s do some “Creative Winning” and change the world.

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