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Andrea Putting

Speaker, Author & Trusted Advisor

The Calling

There are things you need to do, there are things you want to do, and then there is the Calling. It goes beyond all. It may make no sense. There may be no logic – you just have to do it. It disrupts your life, but it feels like you have no choice. It beckons you forward. It is yours to do. It is yours to make happen. This is where you find fulfilment of your Authentic Self.

It is the same with business. As a business grows and develops, it becomes its own living breathing entity; it has its own direction and purpose. It also has a deeper calling that summons it, waiting to emerge. It goes beyond profit and productivity, this is where it uncovers that deep soulful passion that moves it and creates something beyond a business. This is where it creates a true social movement.

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