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Andrea Putting

Speaker, Author & Trusted Advisor

Beyond Profit

Awakening the Soul of Business to create a legacy of that positively impacts the world.

This is a time of change, we all feel it. We all know it is time to throw out the old models and ideals and come up with new inspiring ways that transforms business, society and people. We’ve grown to a point where we know that just making a profit isn’t satisfying to the soul, of us individually or for the business. The world is groaning for something more, something more powerful. It is time to listen to the emerging future and follow its lead.

Moving beyond the profit focus, we find the focus now becomes how can we serve? How can we serve better? How can we serve more? Our focus is on people. We want our employees to be happy and feel fulfilled in their job and their life. We want our customers to be happy, to receive good quality products and services that improve their lives, without harm coming to anyone or anything. We want our suppliers and manufacturers to be happy as they supply as with the best products and services in ways that also ethical and sustainable. We want our investors to be happy and to feel good that they are making a profit while making a difference in the world. We want the planet to be happy that we are reducing our footprint and greening the world.

There is so much to think about. While doing all of this, the business also needs to become more innovative about how it can serve the world and create profound change, both internally and in the world. We need to develop new models that naturally feed all these areas that we know in our heart that this is what is important.

This requires a great amount of letting go. Letting go of what no longer serves us. We have evolved as people, and as we have so has the way we have done business. We are now on the edge of redefining the ways businesses run. As people awaken to a new consciousness, they want their business life to do so to. In the past, it was important to leave your whole self at home and only bring the business mask into work each day. There was no room for people to connect with their deepest longings and to choose a career path just because it satisfied that part of them. Today this is exactly what people are looking for. When we can tap into this passion and purpose that naturally lives inside of each of us, anything is possible. We become inspired and motivated. We are ready to change the world.

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