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Being a Leader who Builds Leaders

dad48 One of the greatest leaders I have known and was my mentor is my Father. He always talked to me about Servant Leadership, being a leader who leads from behind.

This doesn’t mean that you hide behind your people, what it means that you allow them to grow and develop and take their role in life, and help them to become the best they can. But then when they need you up front to stand up for them or protect them, you are there in the front. It is what he referred to as Servant Leadership. This is by no means a new concept or exclusive to him, however it is what he lived by.

I’ve been reading the book Firms of Endearment and I came across this quote I wanted to share with you, from C. William Pollard, Chairman of ServiceMaster .

“The real leader is not the person with the most distinguished title, the highest pay of the longest tenure. The real leader is the role model, the risk taker. The real leader is not the person with the largest car of the biggest home, but the servant no the person who promotes himself or herself but the promoter of others, not the administrator but the initiator, not the taker but the giver, not the talker, but the listener. Servant leaders believe in the people they lead and are always ready to be surprised by their potential. Servant leaders make themselves available. Servant leaders are committed – they are not simply holders of the position. They love and care for the people they lead. Leadership is both an art and a science. Everyone is a leader and everyone can also be a servant.”

It is very important in business that we take leadership seriously, not from a place of privilege but from a place of service. Those who do have the businesses that really flourish, and have the people who have the most passion and motivation.

So what kind of leader are you? I invite you to comment below and share this video with someone who you think may benefit from it.


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