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Dichotomy in the workplace

There is this crazy dichotomy happening in the workplace. On one hand we have global figures of over 80% of people being disengagement and disinterest in the workplace. On the other hand we have leadership pulling out hair as they struggling to keep things going, desperately hoping they will find some staff who will step up to the plate.

If we look at this picture, you will see where the irony is.

Employees want and need to feel a purpose in what they are doing. They need to feel they are valued and have something to offer. They want to be able to contribute their ideas and feel like they are making a difference.

Employers want employees who are interested, excited and passionate about what they do. They want their staff to step up and take a lead, to be creative and help with new inspiring and innovative ideas.

So, if this is what everyone wants, why is the system not working? Instead, we keep doing the same thing, getting the same results, that no-one wants.

Most businesses are still operating using business processes that were created in the 19th century. There are certain ways you structure your business, you have layers of employees, managers, CEO’s and board of directors and on it goes, each one answering to the one above. Processes after processes and layers upon layers where things can get stuck, mixed up and drive everyone crazy.

Being open to new and innovative ways is challenging. We are used to the way things are and if things change, where will be? What will be our place?

If employees are invited and feel safe in opening up to being creative, adding their viewpoints, designing their future within a business, then things change. They become more passionate about what they are doing. They put in more effort. They start to love what they do. They become more productive and this gives an opportunity for profits to rise.

Mangers, CEO’s and owners find this challenging, as it means that they have to step back, even better join in. They have to take the risk of letting go and allowing the future to develop. When they do this, then real innovation can start to emerge. They learn to listen to their employees and discover what is really going on. They get to journey with them and understand what their work is really like. Together they can create a new way, a passionate way to evolve as a community in the workplace. As they do, new inspiring and innovative ideas emerge and processes develop to allow them to move into action quickly.


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