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Get out of Automatic and Focus

Sometimes I get in my car and start driving. I know where I have to go, but something inside of me sets on automatic mode. I just start driving, I forget the turnoffs I should take and I go in the wrong direction. My mind is focused elsewhere and I travel the same old paths that are set in my subconscious.

This is easy to do and I’m sure I’m not the only one who does this. I just have some many different ideas and projects on the go at one time, to stay with one for very long seems impossible. I’ll be in the midst of one thing and a thought jumps in about something completely unrelated. Finally, I am getting it in my mind, to jot that done to come back to it later. Otherwise, I’ll be sitting there trying to focus on 2 or 3 things all at once.

I see this happen in business all the time. There are so many projects, activities and just stuff that all needs our attention all of the time. Keeping on track is a full time job on its own. With all this that is going on, it is very easy for us to lose sight of the bigger picture; the dream, the passion that started it all.

Life is busy and we just keep piling layer upon layer on top of everything. What was I doing? Why was I doing it? It all becomes a distant thought, hardly ever to be thought about. Kind of like that enormous business plan sitting at the bottom of the pile, that you spent weeks on, or even months, but now never comes out to see the light of day.

There is so much to do, of that, there is no doubt. Getting that business going is an enormous job and takes a lot of time and effort. But don’t allow it take over. Just like I need to take a moment to stop and focus on where I am going when I get in the car, you need to stop and focus on where you are going every day.

Create a focus moment. Start your day with it. Remember why you started your business. Feel into that passion that drove you so crazy you just had to do it. When we do this, each day starts with feeling alive, each activity reclaims it purpose. The purpose that is itching to be out in the world, that creates a great legacy.

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