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Journey Beyond the Why

At the heart of any business is a higher purpose. The business was created out of a desire to build something, to serve, to make the world a better place in some way. This is something that meant so much to the owner of the business that they were driven to work hard and create this business.

Well, after a while, this can easily become hidden under all of the bull$#!% that happens day to day. The message, the drive and the purpose gets lost. We become lost in the how and the what and forget about the why.

Reconnecting with the purpose of the business can be very powerful. It allows employees to become more connected with what their work is all about and gives them stronger motivation. But, let’s journey beyond the why.

A strong purpose can pull everyone together, however we need to seek within, as individuals and as a group and “find the calling;” that something deep inside of you that you just have to do. How do we define the difference between the purpose and a calling? A purpose is more general and could be considered the overall goal. Whereas a calling is about that mission, the path that you are going to take to reach the greater purpose.

As an individual seeking your calling, you dive into the depths of your soul and it will be revealed. When you feel you have a calling to do something you will just do it. There will be nothing that will stop you. For example, one thing that I felt a strong calling to do was “Chocolate and Coffee Day for Religious Harmony.” I had no idea of how I would do it, but I just knew that I had to start it and that somehow the rest will follow. I have to talk about, I have to share it with people and the idea is starting to take its own momentum. Whereas the purpose I felt was strong, without this calling, I may never had made any impact on my greater purpose. I didn’t know how to follow it or to make it a big impact.

When in a community, whether a work place, a group or organisation, it is possible to work together at a deep level to unfold that greatness that a calling can bring. When people join together with a common desire to serve at the highest level, to uncover the highest future potential and are willing to let go of all judgment and perceptions, something magical can happen. Through the process of learning and discovering together, they are able to reach into the soul of the business (group or organisation). As their minds become still and quiet, the future is able to emerge. Pathways that will be open to them come forth and a true sense of calling is instilled on them. Now we are able to move forward with open minds, open hearts and open hands to discover and create a future that will create profound change.






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